Fabric Stash

Do you ever?

Have too many things going on so you start something new so you don’t have to think about all the other things you should be doing?  I may be guilty of that today.  Things I should be doing:

1. Working on 2 quilts for McCall’s Quilting

2.  Working on a new tutorial for Moda Bake Shop

3.  Finishing (aka starting) some bee blocks

4.  Organizing the horrible wreck that is my sewing area so that some of the above items can be completed started.

Instead, what am I doing?  Picking out potential fabrics for a quilt for Elonie’s new big girl bedroom….

A mix of Lecien Fabrics & Tanya Whelan Fabrics

Sigh, they sure are pretty though, aren’t they!? =)

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  • Gonna be a nice big girl bedroom.

  • Yes, so nice in a big girls bedroom!
    Guess they fit in a womans bedroom too!

  • Do I ever??? ALL the time!! 🙂 have fun with those pretty fabrics!

  • I know just what you mean, I do that all the time.
    What beautiful fabrics, it sure will be a pretty quilt.

  • oh gosh, i LOVE that stack! lots of my faves in there!

  • hehehe 😀 So totally me!

  • Absolutely a new start ^__^ with this wonderful fabric …. so … Elonie’s new big girl bedroom….

  • Do I ever?
    Yep, always!
    New projects are my favorite form of procrastination!

  • Uh yeah I am afflicted by this disorder.

  • All the time! For some reason I would rather work on something that is not on my list of “must do”!

  • I absolutely love the Flower Sugar fabrics! I have a few pieces (just still drooling over them!), and see they just released more and they are on my NEED list! OH MY! :o)

  • Quilting is the one area where I try to minimize obligation as much as possible — so sometimes I do the above on purpose! (you know, to declare my freedom). 😉

    Gorgeous fabrics!

  • Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!

    It is a lovely stack of fabric…

  • Yes, of course I do! Constantly. But I do find it gives me renewed interest in the ‘other’ projects, so I think it’s an ok thing!

  • If I had a stack of fabric that pretty, I’d be playing with it, too!

  • Those are some gorgeous fabrics for a very lucky big girl!

  • I think you have your priorities just about right!

  • i start new things when i have uncompleted projects because i have an idea that’s just has to be expressed..now! jane

  • I always have too much going on and what to do more! I LOVE those fabrics together!!!

  • I have too much going on.Your fabrics are very nice ,I `d like play with them too.

    Happy quilting!!

  • Wow, with a fabric pile looking as pretty as that and a sweet little girl in need of a new quilt for her big girls bed room why would you NOT start somethig new….. I would (DO!!!) Have fun with it and I am looking forward to seeing what you create :o)

  • Guilty! That’s me, too. But these fabrics are so, so pretty.

  • I am guilty of that also! Those fabrics would be terribly hard to resist!

  • Ooohhh….gotta love that stack of pretties! All those other projects will still be waiting for you anyway.

  • That is a beautiful stack of fabrics! I love Lecien and Tanya Whelan. Two of my favorites.

    I can totally relate. But when I should be doing something, I am reading blogs, browsing pinterest, or looking at flickr.

    Shame on me!

  • They sure are!!

  • That’s so totally me!!! I walk in my sewing room for one thing and then have a “squirrel” moment, ending up picking a whole new project and not getting what I walked in the room for! Love that stack of fabrics!

  • Umm.. Are they EVER!! Yum! I can see why you were distracted. And then you have to decide on a pattern, which will be a little more distraction.. but SO worth it in the end when that little one is snuggled under that quilt!

  • Beautiful, little girl loveliness. Sigh….

  • what a lovely stack of fabric. i’m sure your little girl will love what you”ll create for her out of that fabric. can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.(sigh) all those other things you have to do will be done in due time. a little girl is waiting on a fab quilt made and designed by momma. have fun!! c:

  • I love love LOVE these prints! I recently bought a few of these during a shop hop. I really must go back and get some more. Can’t wait to see what you make for Elonie’s new room 🙂

  • I am quite often in that same spot. I think I am right now, I should be cleaning my sewing room to get it ready for working on projects. I am instead looking at the fun things others are posting on their blogs. Have fun with the big girl room quilt.

  • I LOVE your stack of fabric, (wiping drool) just sitting here and, sighing, lovely.♥ I’m sure I’ll love how ever you make it.

  • Yes. Gulp. I do this far too often. lol

    Love, love, love the stack of fabric goodness you’ve gathered. I say, forget about everything else and start that new project! ;o)

  • Oh yes, I do that all the time. I have a hard time focusing on just one project with all the beautiful fabrics waiting to be used! Lecien and Tanya Whelan fabric….some of my favorites!! The big girl bedroom is going to be gorgeous. 🙂

  • I would love to have all these, I am planning to do a shabby chic room but it is taking so long to collect a group of fabrics like these! Lol.

  • Beautiful fabrics!! Where can these be purchased??

  • I’m wondering if you ever turned these lovely fabrics into a quilt for a ‘Big Girl Bedroom’. I’ve been from one end of your blog to the other and can’t find anything.

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