It’s Go! time

Thanks for all of the comments on yesterdays post!–I’m glad to see that we are all in the same procrastinating boat. =)  And, now I can add another something to procrastinate with (yippee!). =)  My UPS guy dropped off a wonderful package courtesy of the folks over at Accuquilt.  Elonie and I have been having fun playing with my new little fabric cutter this evening–Chloe is staying over at Grandma’s house this evening so I promised Elonie some fabric cutting fun.  Although, truth be told, I believe she thought I was getting some kind of fancy cookie cutter instead of fabric cutter–she quickly got over her disappointment after a few cranks. =)

I’ve got a fun little project up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing soon! =)

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  • What fun! Have a fun time together. 🙂

  • Sounds wonderful – looking forward to it !!

  • Enjoy!

  • Aunt Sarah would like some fabric cutting fun! 🙂

  • Those look like so much fun! Enjoy your time with your fabric.

  • Isn’t it fun watching the big smiles on our children’s faces as they make GO! magic?! I love it!

  • You’ll have a blast! It sounds like so much fun 🙂

  • I’m thinking I need to get one of these Go! baby things. I’ve been resisting them for a while now and it seems like I going to have to do it.
    Looking forward to what you and Elonie think of it.

  • I think it sounds WAAAAY better than a cookie machine!!

  • Lucky you! I am still wanting one of those machines to play with. Have fun!

  • Oh, looks like fun!

  • Have fun! I’ve seen one, but, I’ve not tried one.

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