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Quilters Journey Bee & Giveaway News

Alex's Block

Yesterday I worked on two blocks for the Quilters Journey Bee.  The block above is for Alex–she chose a fun little paper pieced block and gave free reign on color choices.  I opted to go with a fun summery polka dotted number–I like the way it turned out (except for my mismatched center) & I think a quilt made of these blocks/fabrics would be quite amazing. =)

Victoria's Block

Victoria asked for this fun little block pattern–again giving free reign on color choice for the colorful squares–she sent along the gray background for us to use.  I used some of the leftover strips from the quilt below to cut into the colorful squares.

Which reminds me that I really need to finish off the borders on this quilt and call it a day. =)  And take new pictures that aren’t taken in the dead of winter–that picture was taken on December 27–I mean seriously could it be any more dreary?!? =)

I’ve talked about the Quilter’s Journey bee before, but I’ve never shared pictures of the journals–and since I have two of them here right now I thought I’d share some peeks from inside.

Alex’s journal is on the left–it came all the way from Australia & Victoria’s journal is on the right–all the way from London.  For those of you unfamiliar with how this bee works, we each started out with our own journal and our starter block–here are mine:

I sent my starter package to the first person in the circle who in turn makes a block/journals & sends it on to the next person and so on.  All of the blocks/journals are making a big circle until they get back to the original maker.  I included the multi color polka dot in with my starter package and asked that it be used in every block.  I think I am about 5 people or so away from receiving my package back–yay!–it’s been on it’s journey since May of last year. =)

Here are some peeks inside Alex and Victoria’s journals–cute, huh?! =0

Alex's journal
Alex's Journal
Victoria's Journal
Victoria's Journal

And lastly, Giveaway news:  Pop back tommorrow for your chance to win a Go! Baby of your very own! =)  Not only were the Accuquilt folks fantastic enough to send me one to use, they will also be giving one of you one as well.  How fun! =)

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  • I am in love with everything in this post. Everything.

  • How exciting 🙂

  • I love your blocks! Do you happen to have a link for Victoria’s block or the math on it? (what is the finished size?) I’d like to consider it for the bee I’m in. Thanks!!

  • The Quilter’s Journey Bee is lovely – how fun for you!!

  • This is exactly the kind of bee I would love to be in. I love “meeting” people from around the world and this is right up my alley. Can you tell me how I might start my own version of this style of bee?

  • I love your (?) Tulip quilt. The colors are beautiful.
    And what a great idea this Quilter’s Journal Bee. You’ve all done beautiful work. I love the combination of journaling and sewing!

  • Love the color choices you made in the quilts.. LOVE them!! It is such a hard decision for me always.. but everyone elses choice seem so wonderful.. now the giveaway news.. ooooh oooooh splendid!!

  • Ah Corey. How fun to see this lovely blocks for our journey bee again. Nice work, as usual. I love your style. And the other quilt is gorgeous!! Love that pattern. Hugs!

  • What a fun post…so much eye candy….thanks!

  • The journal is very cool! Beautiful quilt and blocks !! Exciting news – for tomorrow -thanks for the heads up on that!

  • Oh my goodness, I love the quilt you posted! Are you going to be posting a tutorial for that one?

  • This is such a wonderful idea. I love travel journals – and the opportunity to dip into the lives of so many people from so many places.

  • I love following your “bee” blocks…The fabrics and blocks are all such fun!
    Is there a site or somewhere to get involved in one of these?

    Peggy in NJ

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