Ack!  Finally my internet is back–it just came back on this evening–I’m not sure if it will stay on–good old sporadic, little town internet but, I had to pop on to let you know that my Flea Market Fancy Quilt is being featured over on Quilt Story.  Heather and Megan are such sweeties & I always love popping over to their blog to see what’s happening.  Plus, they have started selling the cutest quilt patterns–many featuring applique (I mean seriously, how cute is this pattern!?!)  I’d love if you’d pop over and take a peek–and gush to Heather and Megan about how cute their patterns are! =)

I’ve been busy with some fun things so as long as my internet is good to go I’ll be back to posting! =)

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  • I love this quilt! Great job on fabric, execution, and the quilting! it’s beautiful.

  • Do you have a tutorial for this quilt? Or a pattern that I can purchase? Thanks!

  • I love this quilt. Every time I see it I swoon, I’ve looked for the tutorial…is it here on your site? Thanks.

  • Beautiful!!

  • I agree, the quilt is stunning! Would love to see the pattern or tute!

  • i love this quilt

  • Your quilt is adorable…glad you got things working again~

  • It is so wonderful! I LOVE the hand quilting, the fabrics, everything. You are genius!

  • This is such a cool pattern! I love how each of the squares are offset, making them look like they are tumbling or dancing. The hand stitching around each square is a fabulous touch!

  • Really cool!

  • This is a wonderful quilt! I love your revisions to the pattern, especially the white background and hand-stitching! Hope you have a tutorial for this one.



  • I think this quilt is so great! I downloaded the pattern-thanks for the link. May I ask how big the center square is that is surrounded by FMF? 🙂

  • Is there somewhere to find instructions for your modifed version of this adorable quilt? I’ve been clicking here and there but so far I haven’t found the magic click! I love Birdie Stitches and just started it! Thanks much!

  • I love this quilt! I have been seeing this kind of decorative stitching and love it. Is it an addition to quilting? What kind of thread or floss did you use? I have a great quilt waiting for some finishing stitching. Thanks, I have really enjoyed your blog, it has inspired me to get back into sewing of all kinds!

    • Thanks Debbie! It’s hand quilting but done using colored Perle Cotton (size 8 works great) and longer stitches instead of the smaller stitches used in traditional quilting. It adds such a fun dash of color, doesn’t it?!? =)

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