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Me? A Teacher?

Strawberry Fields Pillow

So, the name of the game around here seems to be deadlines.  I have a number of different things going on right now that are hogging up my time…in a good way of course.  But one piece of exciting news is that I am going to be teaching a few classes at a local fabric shop.  The first series of classes, Pillow Talk, will be kicking off September 19.  I’ll be teaching the basics of piecing, hand quilting, & finishing a pillow like the one above.  I have never viewed myself as a teacher so I have been preparing quite a bit…hopefully I’ll be over prepared.

There are 3 pillow classes scheduled before Christmas so, there has been some pillow making going on over here.  I’m hoping all goes well–I’ve gotta admit to some nerves even though it’ll be just a small class.

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  • Oh, what fun You’ll do great.

  • Congratulations Corey, you,ll do just fine.

  • Love your pillow! You’ll be a great teacher 🙂

  • of course you can teach! if i lived close by i would certainly come to one of your classes. congratulations on this new opportunity!

  • How fun!!!! Love the pillow!

  • That pillow is wonderful. Enjoy the class.

  • congrats on the class! i would love to take that class from you, if only…

  • Congratulations! That is awesome! 🙂

  • I’d take that class! Wish I was close.

  • Good luck – you’ll be fabulous!

  • Ohhh! I’d love to take your class. Your pillows are beautiful and I’m sure your teaching style will be as fun and interesting as your blog. Have fun!

  • When you get to stand up and talk about what you LOVE – fabric & sewing it should go smoothly. The pillow is really cute.

  • I LOVE this pillow! Good luck with classes. I’d come, but I live a leetle too far away.

  • How fun!! Congrats. I love the pillows you make. I’m sure you will have great fun!!

  • Such a cute pillow! I would definitely take a classl taught by you!

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