Pillow Talk Swap

Pillow Talk 6 Mosaic
Pillow Talk 6 Mosaic

1. Ready to quilt, 2. droplets mini quilt, 3. pts5 done!, 4. Fresh Lemons Spools, 5. DQS10 WIP, 6. Granny Square Yarn, 7. Fabrics for new project, 8. Half Hexagon Quilt – Fabric, 9. Hour Glass Quilt, 10. Summer Garden embroidery – new, 11. selvedge star, 12. Craft buttons pillow, 13. patchwork pouch, 14. A Hooty Supernova top, 15. Umbrella hanging – 106:365, 16. +&x

One of my favorite swaps is just starting up Round 6, The Pillow Talk Swap.  I love this swap–my favorite part, even more favorite than receiving a wonderful pillow, is the stalking and spying and trying to figure out just the perfect pillow to make for my partner.  And then, sharing little sneaky peeks and seeing if my partner likes the pillow I am making for them.  It’s just such fun.

So, while I am waiting on my partner assignment, I thought that I would share my inspiration mosaic.  For the last couple rounds of the swap I have been asking for pillows to coordinate with a few that I already had.  This round I am going in a different direction & I’m excited to see what my partner comes up with. =) 

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  • I love every one of the pictures in that mosaic. I can’t wait to see what you receive!

  • Such a pretty set of pictures. I love all of the rainbow colors!!

  • and you always make the most coveted pillow!

  • I love your mosaic – so cheerful!

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