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Bliss Quilt

I thought today that I would share a quilt top that I have had finished for quite some time.  I haven’t shared it earlier because up until recently I wasn’t sure what to do with the crazy thing…it is a really big quilt top…I’m not sure of the dimensions off the top of my head but rest assured a whole family could sit on this thing (maybe even the Duggars–ok, so maybe not all of them–maybe Jim Bob, Michelle and the first 5 or so). =p 

Actually, it’s not so terribly huge, queen size ish or a little larger….it’s just big for me–I tend to stick in the twin size range–it’s not a quilt I’d want to man handle on my machine to get it quilted so I’ve kind of stuck it on the back burner.

I made the quilt using a scrap bag(I think it was just one) of Bliss fabric–so, it has all these cute little selvage edges spattered about here and there.

I made this quilt without a specific pattern–I just started sewing.  First I sewed all the scrap bundle strips together into several large rectangles.  Scrap Bundle strips tend to be about 22″ long and vary in width from 2″ or so to 4″ or so—each bundle is different.  Some of the strips have the cute little printed selvage edge and some don’t.  I sewed together several strips and made several large rectangles.  After sewing these rectangles, I chopped them back up again into long multi print strips which I sewed together to make the strips used in the quilt.

To make my strips even less “patterny” I picked them apart here and there and re-sewed them to the other side of the strip.  That way the fabric placement was more varied.

After the patterned strips were complete I added the aqua strips (these were cut at 1.5″) and the white fabrics(these varied in sized depending on what I felt like cutting).

As I was re-arranging my sewing room a couple weeks back I came across this quilt again & it hit me how fab it would look hand quilted–imagine straight line hand quilting in all of the white spaces using red/aqua/pink/green…pretty, right?  I haven’t talked to my mom about my plan yet–I’m hoping I can convince her this is a perfect fall project. =p  We all know she is the queen of hand quilting!

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  • Sounds like a great plan for your Bliss creation!

  • I think it would look great – a perfect winter project for your mum!

  • What a cute scrap quilt! Makes me want to break out my scraps and see what I can come up with…

  • Can’t wait to see it done. (Please Mom?)

  • Great idea! Am looking forward to seeing it complete!

  • I am working a a Across The Sea Quilt Along and I am using “Bliss fabric”, the colors work really well.

  • What an awesome top!! I love love the colors

  • I love how you left all those itty bits of selvedge in there – it gives it a more patchworky feel to me and I love that feel – as if we really are scrabbling around trying to find old scraps of fabrics in the old clothes fabric chest and make quilts from them.

  • LOVE it! Beautiful colors & design.

    Hope to see it when its finished.


  • I normally don’t care for the selvedge quilts, but the way you used it is adorable. I like the texture it adds to the quilt. Great job! I love the colors that you used- great combinations!

  • Hi Corey- as soon as I saw that fabric I instantly knew it was Bliss!! I have been printing and saving your birdie blocks, need to finish an long overdue UFO before I can start on them, but I decided to use Bliss instead of Sunkissed. I got the idea from a friend Barb of barbscreations who used Bliss for her birdie blocks and they look lovely. I am not usually a “Brights” person- I like shabby chic, florals etc, but there was just something about Bliss and I had quite a job to track down some charm squares, plus Barb generously shared some with me as well. Aren’t quilters the kindest and most generous people?? Your birdie blocks are so sweet and I can’t wait to stitch them! Hugs, Sandy. 🙂

  • I love BLISS and your scrappy quilt is sooooo cute!
    Peggy in NJ

  • DEFINITELY looking forward to “playing” on your quilt!!! and I love the colors! 🙂 and YES, it will be a wonderful project to look forward to! I need a quilting get-away!

  • […] A Daysail Moda scrap bag!  I love working with Moda Scrap bags and in fact have worked with a number of them over the years.  I made this strippy quilt using a Bliss Scrap Bag along with aqua and white yardage–you can read more about this quilt here. […]

  • Great idea for scraps. I checked out the scrap bags and they look like a great idea for small projects.

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