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I drank the water

It sure didn’t take me long to hit submit on my shopping cart yesterday after all the “do it” comments started rolling in. =p  Plus, of course, there was Lynne’s, “resistance is futile” post yesterday. =p  I’ll be sure to post a picture once they arrive–cause they are so pretty in person–they’re coming from FQS so I’m sure they’ll be here the beginning of this week.  Greta, one of my bloggy friends, pointed out to me how similiar in palette these colors are to Freshcut by Heather Bailey:

Freshcut Fabric

 I hadn’t even thought about that but, she’s obviously right—and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons that I love this palette–Freshcut is one of my all time favorite fabric lines.  I have yards of it just waiting to be made into a new master bedroom quilt.  Also, if any of you are in the market for Freshcut, it’s being re-released this fall!…yippee…and, some of the prints are available in flannel! =)  There are a couple prints that I only purchased small bits of so I am looking forward to being able to easily purchase some more as this line has been out of print for several years. 


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  • The solid color palette you have picked is beautiful… so serene. I think you should pick one of the fabrics from the Freshcut line to back your solid quilt with!

    • This is a fantastic idea!–Maybe even one of the flannel prints for a super cozy quilt. Thanks so much for that suggestion!

  • I have never seen Freshcut, but I can see why it is one of your favorites! I am going to have to keep my eye out for its re-release!

  • They work so well together – maybe you could pinch a bit from your new quilt stack and put it in you DS QAL?

  • but..but..but I LOVE your bedroom quilt and all the deco the way you have it now! It’ll take a bit for me to embrace the new. I’m sure it will be SMASHING!

  • Fresh Cut! One of my favorite lines ever. You can’t go wrong. It’ll be gorgeous. Good news on the rerelease!

  • I totally agree–Fresh Cut IS one of the best lines. Ever.

  • Seems to me that Sweetwater had some of those colors in their line not very long ago too.

  • that is a seriously great color palette!

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