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I sewed away this past weekend–I began working with the fabrics above but I did edit them just a bit.  I added in some dark blue and I added in a touch more grey–I have been on a grey kick as of late–so, I hope my partner is digging it also! =)  Here’s a little peek at what it looked like early on Saturday.


Yes, that is a set in seam folks–I hope you feel the love partner! =p  This pillow top required 64 triangle pieces all cut using a template–now, I am not a template kind of gal–I am all for some quick rotary cutting all the way.  However, I have recently discovered a new reality show, which my dvr conveniently keeps on recording for me…”The Millionaire Matchmaker”—how did I miss this entertaining show for so long? =p  Anyhoo, it made cutting my triangles a breeze–banged them all out on Friday evening(please no comments about my exciting Friday evening spent watching reruns of reality shows and cutting fabric). =p

And another little peek–after spending more time Saturday and Sunday sewing I have completed the pillow top.  Now, I need to decide how to quilt it–I think I’m gonna go in an all over machine quilting direction but I need to decide for sure.

And, while I was sewing yesterday, look what Chloe made…


Chloe's Project

She sat beside me at my sewing table and made this little beach scene using bits of fabric from my scrap bins and a pinking shears.  You can see the water at the bottom of the picture, she used little cut up bits of orange perle cotton for the sand–and then the sun and cloud in the sky.  And the little pink/white object in the lower right hand corner…it’s a surf board…she’s a crafty one my little Chloe. =) 

Elonie hadn’t seen Chloe’s little project until I was snapping that picture above and let me tell you she was very impressed with big sister Chloe.  She said, “Did Chloe make this?(I said yes) Wow!—Oh my Goodness!”–very impressed.

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  • it’s gonna be cute Corey!

    (and Chloe’s little project is quite cute too). 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, I’m impressed too! (With both projects, of course!)

  • Oh my gosh! This is SO pretty. Looks like a lot of work, but SO worth it!

    Chloe seems to be quite creative! Good for her.

    I’m staying tuned for more of the same from the two of you!


  • Oh my gosh…that fabric is making me slobber all over myself…..

    love what you are doing!

  • LOVE those 2 little girls and how your nurchuring their crafting abilities!! Good Momma!! 🙂

  • Oh I love Chloe’s creation (hmmm sounds like a good name for a blog). Your’s is great, too mom!

  • i love what your fabrics are becoming! and your gal’s creation is just great! so fun to see little ones getting crafty!

  • What a nice pile of fabric to face the first thing in the morning. You just made my day. And made me very much in the mood for some fabric shopping… I am not sure if the later is good or bad…

  • i have been wanting to make a triangle block like this. i love your color palette and design and can’t wait to see how you quilt it. Your partner is one lucky person!!

  • I’m very impressed with Mommy and daughter!

  • Would you happen to know which line the top piece of fabric comes from? on my screen it looks like it’s a nice gray with red and I’ve been looking for some. Love the projects! Pulling fabrics is definitely fun.

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