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Straight Line Quilting

Some machine quilting has been going on lately on a variety of pillows.  Above is a little peek of the pillow that I will be teaching in my 2nd Pillow Talk class.  I will be talking about straight line machine quilting in addition to piecing half square triangles.  Don’t you just love trying out new techniques on pillows that you might not normally try?—Straight line quilting is pretty straightfoward (hee hee) but I’ve also been trying out other quilting as well.

Pebble Quilting

I did some more fun pebble quilting for a pillow I made for an upcoming online magazine that we all love. =)  I adore the texture that pebble quilting gives a project–I don’t find it to be the easiest but I am getting better at it.  I am definitely not ready to try it on a quilt yet—does it take everyone else forever and a day to pebble quilt?–and do you go through an amazing boatload of thread?–I really need a bobbin assembly when I pebble quilt!

What is your favorite way to machine quilt?  Are you straight line kinda folks or do you FMQ?  I supppose for me it depends on the project. =)

Oh, and by the way…do you remember this peek?


 Well, here’s another little peek.

Quilt Backing

This is the back of a quilt that you will get to see in full on Monday—along with the tutorial of course! =)  The tutorial includes instructions for the pieced backing–one of my least favorite things when making a quilt is figuring the backing…so, I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. =)  So be sure to pop by…there might be a Ruby scrap giveaway.

Ruby Scraps

I’m just sayin’. =p

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  • Love the colors on this. Of course RED is one of my favorite colors now. I have not done much in the way of machine quilting, but I can imagine the pebble design would be a little hard to do.!


  • I find straightline quilting the easiest. It’s other quilting that I want to learn. I need to take those first steps and practice. I won’t get skilled otherwise!

  • I love to FMQ…..once I get over the initial fear of actually starting to stitch. It does take practice!

  • Love the pebble quilting! I have only done it on very small sections of landscape style quilts; I can’t imagine just yet doing it on anything larger… time consuming! I do almost all free motion quilting. I quilt for others and I learned to FMQ because I found straight line quilting a lot more difficult for various reasons; a lot more starts and stops, having to constantly turn the quilt depending on the design, and when outlining shapes, it seems like even the most particular piecers still have seams that are off and the straight line quilting points it out more. Don’t get me wrong; I do love the look of straight line quilting, and when I have time and can be casual about it, I do enjoy doing it.

  • I have not tried machine quilting so far, would like to try as it sure is quicker! 🙂
    I love Bonnie and Camille’s fabrics, I got some Bliss charms , and Ruby is just as pretty. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  • I love ruby as i Liked bliss.
    Thanks for the chance to’ win.

  • I just love Ruby and I can’t wait for yardage to arrive. Looking forward to seeing the front of your quilt! 🙂

  • My favorite way to machine quilt is to have someone else do it! lol However, since that is out of my price range I am practicing straight line quilting right now. I have a class lined up later this month to learn FMQ. It seems really scary to me. vbg We’ll see!
    I can’t wait for your big reveal! Yay! You always have such fresh, clean ideas.

  • I love to free motion quilt. It is one of my favorite parts of the quilting and I am always trying to branch out and try new designs.

    Your quilt looks stunning from the back. I can’t wait to see the front 🙂

  • The back is awesome and the front…looking forward to admire it.
    of couse,love it,wonderful.I`m handquilter and love see machine motion quilt,gorgeous!

    Those red fabrics`d be welcome.

  • Your pebble quilting is awesome! I love the back of your new quilt~ can’t wait to see the front! 😉

  • I’ve just started machine quilting so it is straight line albeit not always perfectly straight. I’ll be back.

  • I love straight line quilting, lol however mine is rarely ever straight!!

  • I love your pebble quilting & Ruby – ahhh my current favourite! Tracee xx

  • Just starting to toy with fmq. Love the ruby line. I’ll be ready!

  • I love straight line quilting, I use a lot of the decorative stitches on my machine with varigated thread. Would love to do FMQ but never seem to find the time to practice.

  • I adore the look of pebble quilting. I keep trying over and over again but I just can’t do it! So far all my quilts have been quilted in a variety of straight lines because my attempts at free motion have all failed miserably 🙁

  • Love the zigzag quilting on the first cushion and the sneak peek of the Ruby quilt is lovely!

  • The pebble quilting is great. I need to practice more on my quilting. The Ruby quilt is very nice.

  • I’m just learning how to piece so I don’t know how to quilt yet.

  • I stink at FM quilting, but, maybe I could do the straight line quilting. It’s more like stitch in the ditch, which I CAN do. I usually just hand quilt, which is why nothing ever gets finished.

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