X Marks the Goose Pillow

I’m excited to be a contributor in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly, issue # 7, which is all about Color!  I had such fun designing & making this pillow which is based off of an old traditional pattern–amazing how fresh fabrics & modern quilting can totally transform a traditional pattern!

Do you remember this rainbow stack of fabrics I showed you awhile back?

These are all of the fabrics I pulled to make my X Marks the Goose pillow.  And incidentally, I have a little baggie with the left over scraps from making my pillow–if you’re interested in some, leave me a comment and I’ll use good old RNG & send some rainbow scraps your way.

Issue #7 is on sale beginning today & includes the pattern for X Marks the Goose as well as many other fantastic patterns.  Fat Quarterly is an online magazine and can be purchased here. 

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  • What a great cushion, love all the different prints and colours!

  • Cooool! Love the pebble quilting on that! I think I will order me a copy of that issue.

  • It’s a fabulous pillow, I really like the pebble quilting on the X. I need to try that!

  • Your pillow is really beautiful and very creative. I would love some of your colorful scraps!!!

  • Love your color choices, gorgeous pillow

  • Love that pillow! Count me in, please! 🙂

  • gorgeous pillow! those look like some tiny flying geese!

  • I love the colors and the two different quilting patterns you used.

  • Oh what wonderful colors!! Glorious. That pillow turned out so pretty. I would love to win your scraps.. cuz to me they are a treasure.

  • I would love some of those rainbow scraps! The pillow turned out great!

  • (doing the happy dance) Scraps are good. Count me in and thanks for the opportunity. I love the pillow. Flying geese are my favorite traditional pattern. Such tiny triangles. Very nice. I will have to check out that magazine. Thanks for the info. And congrats Corey.

  • I love the flying geese – really pretty colors. I would love some scraps!

  • great pattern. lovely in rainbow!

  • that is so pretty! I am totally obsessed with rainbow colored things right now 🙂

  • congrats! your pillow is one of the standouts of the issue for me.

  • Love the pillow, love the pebble FM Quilting it is just beautiful!!

  • Cute pillow. Love the pebble quilting on the X. I would love to be included in the drawing for scraps. Thanks.

  • Love your pillow! The quilting is perfect.

  • I just bought a years subscription after seeing this pattern! I love it, and I WILL be making it sooner than soon! Thankyou!!!

  • I love your gorgeous cushion and your quilting – I want to quilt like that when I grow up! I’ve already pulled some fabric to make this pattern 🙂

  • That’s an amazing pillow and the opportunity to win the fabric would cheer me up after 2 days off work tucked up in bed.

  • I love this pillow!

  • Congratulations on being a part of Fat Quarterly! Your design is adorable! 🙂

  • Your pillow is amazing and very different. I like how it is unique. So excited for your published work. Well deserved!

  • Love the colours! What a happy pillow.

  • beautiful pillow, love the colors. Thanks for sharing your scraps…

  • I love your cushion!
    I would love some of your scraps please!

  • Love your choice of colors, and am amazed at how tiny each piece must be! Would love some of the scraps–am planning a mosaic quilt soon, and they’d be a perfect addition!

  • What a beautiful pillow! And I would jump at the chance to work with those rainbow scraps, thanks for the chance!
    heather dot nevits at gmail dot com

  • Aak! What a gorgeous pillow! I must admit that I’ve never bought a copy of FQ before, but I hear such great things about it and I’m thinking that perhaps it’s high time that I did!

  • I am so making a version of this pillow its fabulous! I would love a few scraps I’m making the subway stops quilt and finding scraps ais harder than Ii thought.

  • Love the rainbow of colors! I can’t get enough of the rainbow look in my quilting lately. Pretty pillow.

  • Wonderful pillow and beautiful fabrics and awesome design.

  • Love your pillow and would love some cool color scraps! We’re doing a color challenge in our Guild and I think I may need to purchase this magazine for inspiration 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  • love this pillow!!!

  • Nice pillow! Love the pebbling. Would love to win the colourful scraps – thanks.

  • I would love to have some of your rainbow scrapes. I have a hard time with picking warm colors to work with and I would love to have your scrapes as a great example of what I should be looking for.

  • Such a cute pillow! I love all the colors you have used.

  • Ooh, what a cute pillow! I think I’ll go order that issue right now!

  • I was just telling a friend of mine tonight that I have come to a stop on a quilt I’m making because I need some different scraps. This would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  • would love the scraps! I’m sure even i could make something out of them!

  • Love the colors and the quilting. Fabulous!

  • Mmm, would love to win some of your scraps! Thank You.

  • I love your pillow . The colors are great and I would love to win your giveaway .

  • love the pillow so lovely and colourful

  • This pillow is great. I love the quilting. looks like real stones. And it seems you never used a fabric twice. Great!

  • FANTASTIC! You’re such an inspiration, I love your work!

  • What beaut fabrics the cushion is just stunning

  • Love the X pillow – the quilting is great! Would love some scraps 🙂

  • Oh, I would love some rainbow scraps!
    The quilting on your X looks stunning!

  • So pretty, you always make the most wonderful things. Would love some of your scraps to add to my collection.

  • Great work — I always love your pillows! The bright colors really shine in this design.

  • What a wonderful cushion! I have my copy of Fat Quarterly and would love to get my hands on some of your delicious scraps – thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Love this pillow! I would love some scraps. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love seeing things done with rainbow colors – this is such a great take on the spectrum!

  • Love the variety of material especially the purple – it looks amazing in your pillow. Thanks!

  • The pebbling on the x is awesome!

  • What a fantastic pillow – in every way! wow.

  • Beautiful pillow – Bravo! Thanks for sharing the rainbow love 🙂

  • I love rainbows! yours is awesome!

  • That pillow is seriously AWESOME!!! I would be sooooo happy to acquire the scrap baggie and try one of my very own!

  • Scraps from that beautiful pillow would be awesome!

  • AMAZING pillow – looks so beautiful. I love the rainbow colours 🙂 x

  • Rainbows are not joke probably my favorite things in the world. Your pillow is fantastic!

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