French Roses Complete

Scrappy Binding

My French Roses Quilt is complete.  My goal was to finish it up over the weekend and I stitched the last of the binding on yesterday.  And got a hole in my finger from so much hand stitching–do you guys use thimbles to sew on binding?  My poor finger thinks I need to—I’m fine if I don’t stitch a lot of binding on at once–but, last week I did two pillows and a quilt so my poor finger has had it. =p

I straight line quilted about 1/8″ on either side of the seams which I think framed the roses nicely.  Since I could use the seams as my quilting guide I didn’t need to mark any quilting lines which was a real time saver.

The roses frayed up nicely in the wash & the fleece backing that I used makes this quite a cuddly quilt. (You might be interested to know that Ryan is calling this my Pig & Turtle quilt…why?, you ask….Tip your head to the right and you’ll see the pig  & if you look at the rose right above this one you can see the turtle.)…men….

Here’s a closer pic of one of the roses–it’ll fray a little bit more after a couple more washes.

Quilt Stats:

French Roses Quilt Pattern by Heather French

Finshed Quilt Size–57″ x 57″

Fabrics used–Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller Fabrics

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  • Wow – I love it. 🙂

  • It’s a beauty Corey!

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME…. I have never in my life seen ANYONE hand quilt as fast as you… HAVE MERCY another FABULOUS FINISH for YOU! I have quilter envy ya know!

  • Beautiful!

  • gorgeous!!!

  • Lovely quilt. So cozy and comforting…turtles and pigs and all! Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

  • After handquilting my Hawaiian quilt that was only 21 inches, my fingers looked like a 20 year diabetic. I tried EVERY single kind of thimble and they never work for me. So finally, on a whim, I started putting thin electrical tape (only about 1/4 inch wide) around my fingers. I can “feel” the tip of my needle and not get poked too much!

    I have been watching you do this quilt and I just ADORE it! ADORE IT!

    • I might have to try this!–I have a leather thimble that works well enough for hand quilting but I have never used it for binding as I don’t really care for using a thimble–I think electrical tape just might do the trick.

  • Absolutely beautiful! A new must have!

  • Beautiful I love the pink shades as pink is my favorite color.

  • I was forced to learn to use a thimble (and now its all good!!) – when hand-quilting the border of a Queen-sized quilt that I stupidly used a tightly-woven sheet as the backing, before the days of wide backings. I had accidentally punctured the tips of my fingers due to the tough backing, running the EYE OF THE NEEDLE AND THE THREAD into the tips of my fingers. YE-OWWWW! Take a look at the Clover Protect and Grip thimbles – soft transparent flexible finger cap with a metal outer tip to push the needle. They come in three sizes: http://www.amazon.com/Clover-6026-Medium-Protect-Thimble/dp/B002OVGJDU/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1326734790&sr=8-8

  • I love this! It is so beautiful, and I really like the idea of the fraying edges, it is going to age beautifully. Your colour choices are great too! As a newbie to quilting I am very inspired!

  • So pretty! Secret Garden was a perfect choice for this quilt. Well done!

  • looks so beautiful Corey!

  • So I must be slow because I don’t see a pig or a turtle. The quilt is lovely as always. I don’t use a thimble either, they just don’t seem to work for me. I did find these little sticker things at Michael’s that work okay for me. I don’t really love them but it’s better than a thimble for me.

  • Beautiful!!!

    YES I use a thimble! If I don’t my finger looks and feels like swiss cheese by the end! I can’t imagine all of that work without one, you must be very sore. I couldn’t get used to the metal thimbles (can’t feel anything and I feel out of control), so I tried a leather one, but then on really thick projects (not binding) I still managed to punch the needle threw the leather and into my finger. So now I use a leather one with a metal circle (to cover the pad of your finger) sewn into it. Absolute perfection!!! I can NOT live with out it now. You can see it here:

    • That is the exact one that I have and I agree that it is so much better than the metal ones–I just couldn’t get used to them. So, I guess I need to give in and use it for binding too!

  • What a lovely quilt.

  • Oh your poor fingers! Using a thimble is a must. You might also try those sticky things (cannot remember the name)….they help also for the other fingers.

    Love, love, love this quilt!

  • Beautiful quilt beautiful finish xxx

  • lovely quilt…very fresh colours!

  • My favorite colors – gorgeous workmanship!

  • Love this, I think for the colours you have used as much as the actual design. I did “get” the turtle, but the pig needs much eye squinting. I can see what he means though.
    I use a thimble for sewing on my binding too. Usually the leather with the metal disc, and also I have one of those coloured silicone ones which I find comfortable. A lot of the secret is finding one that is a perfect fit, and that can be difficult if your finger size is an “in between”.

  • Beautiful quilt, it is amazing.

  • Very pretty! Love your fabric choices and the colors. To make it fray a bit more you might want to ruff up the edges with a soft hair brush,… like a babies. Then give it a wash and you might get the look you want.

  • Purdy!!! This quilt really came up a treat!!! … Per the use of a thimble, I use mine on and off … if I have a LOT to do I will always get it out, though I usually only do it when I have binding or am going through several layers … I don’t when I do stitcheries or needleturn applique unless my fingers are calling out for one, lol! … Keep in mind when you are starting to use one though, that they do take time to get use to using — especially if you’ve gone so long without using one! … Also, the ‘fit’ is essential! You don’t want to get one that is either too small or too big — work out which finger you would usually push the needle through (not a finger you use to do the ‘stab’ of the stitch, but to push it through the fabric after the ‘stab’ is made) and then choose one to fit … my best advice (lol) would be to get one from your LQS rather than online … that way you can ensure that it is the right size for you!!

  • Soooooooo pretty! I can hardly wait to make my first one.

  • Love the scrappy binding!!! So fun!!!

  • Your French Roses look fantastic. Well done.

  • Beautiful Quilt!!
    I have tried and tried but I can’t use a thimble, so I usually end up with a very sore finger.
    Funny thing is …. I collect thimbles. LOL. Sandy.

  • Gorgeous!!

  • Is this ‘French Roses’ pattern available anywhere? I love. it.

    • The pattern is French Roses by Heather French.

  • Hi Corey, your quilt is beautiful!! I love your colors!!! I have a question! I’m just about to start sewing my petals on my blocks and I noticed the instructions ask us to cut out extra fabric behind each petal layer. I was not going to do that,, thinking that there would be more layers….more puff. Is there a reason to cut it out?
    Thank you for your help. Sharon

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