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I need your help!

I’m sure many of you have noticed on Fat Quarter Shop’s site that they are now featuring Blogger’s Choice bundles of fat quarters.  They are neat little fat quarter bundles featuring 15 fabrics from a variety of fabric collections put together by various bloggers.  If you have noticed them I’m sure you also may have thought how cool it would be to have a chance to have your very own bundle featured on FQS…no, I’m not that cool….however, Quokka Quilts  is having a fun little project where you can design your own bundle and you just might win the fabrics in your bundle…neat, right? =)

So, here’s where you guys come in…I put together two bundles that I think are pretty cute.  I think I know which one is my favorite but I’m curious to hear what you all think.  So here they are:

Bundle #1

Bundle #2

What do you think?  Which one would get your vote?


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  • I like this bundle!! I’d buy it!

    Peggy in NJ

  • I LOVE #1!!

  • I like them both, but I would pick #1. It speaks to me louder than number 2 does…….8-)

  • Not sure if this is going to help. I feel like I am drawn more to number 2 but I don’t know what I’d do with it. If that makes sense. I love the colors in number 2. I like number one too though! Sorry 🙁

  • #2 gets my vote. Although I like #1 also. Eh…I’m no help! 🙂

  • I love the #2 bundle!

  • Number one for me.

  • i’d have to say #2. #1 is great – really fun, but #2 has dramatic impact. love it!

  • Both are great, but I think #2 is a bit more eye catching!


  • I’d pick bundle #2 – I love the navy and how it pops with the rest of the fabric.

  • Number 1 is the one I’d choose. Very pretty colors for spring.

  • I love #1.

  • They’re both good but #2 is my favorite. Love the pops of darker color!

  • #1

  • It pains me not to pick the orange Pezzy print but I like door number 1…good luck!

  • Wow, these two are my favorites that I’ve seen so far! But I like the text in bundle 2!

  • #1 for sure… so cute!

  • I like number 2. I think that it is fresh and unusual!

  • Number one

  • I like the fabric in #1 more but I prefer the colors in #2.

  • #1 melts my butter! 🙂

  • Bundle 2!

  • Number 2!

  • #2 for me 🙂

  • I’d go with #1…so does that mean you’ll go with #2 since our tastes are so different? 🙂

  • Both great – but my favourite is #2

  • #2. The charcoal just makes it pop.

  • Definitely the first.

  • Bundle #2 would show up in my shopping cart.

  • Oh my, I LOVE the first bundle. In fact, can I order it. Every single print is perfect.

  • I prefer bundl #2

  • Number 2

  • Number one calls my name:)

  • Bundle One has my vote!

  • They are both great bundles but I think No. 2 is more cohesive, and different to lots of the other bundles I’ve seen popping up around the web.

  • I’d go with #2 also. It’s different!

  • Bundle 1 !

  • My vote is for bundle #1. I gravitated to it right off the bat.

  • #1 is my fav!

  • i like no. 1

  • I like #1, especially the two houndstooth prints, but my vote is #2. There is such a great contrast there that is missing in #1.

  • Wow! These are both such great bundles, I’m not sure I can pick one over the other!! The first is cute, softer colours, ones I would probably go for myself bar the big pieces of orange; while the second bundle is fantastically statement-y, with darker shades … I wouldn’t normally include a lot of black, except for sashings, however this collection is super fun too!! … Sorry I couldn’t help – I certainly don’t envy your position to choose!

  • #2 !!!

  • Love the colors! I definitely purchase either of these. They both coordinate with a Twelve Days of Christmas collections for which I need some additional fabrics.
    denise 😀

  • Both are beautiful but I chose 2

  • I prefer the color scheme of number 2, I just don’t know what I would do with the number prints. My husband preferred number 1.

  • bundle 2 cause i like the blacks…

  • I like bundle 1 the best.

  • #1 is more cheery and versatile!

  • Bundle #1 gets my vote.

  • I prefer #1

  • I vote for number 1. I like the little bird and the colors.

  • #2 just popped out at me. Think I would like to see what you do with those words. I am currently working on a string quilt and enjoying all the different fabric scraps I have accumulated.

  • I like bundle #1. I can’t really give you a clear reason, but #1 is what appeals to me the most 🙂

  • Both bundeles are nice, but number #1 is my favorite.
    The blue fabrics makes the bundle shine!

  • i like #1 the best

  • 2!

  • I’d totally go for #2!

  • Definitely #2 for me!

  • #2 – love the dark contrast fabrics.

  • BUndle #1 for sure!

  • #2 is my choice.

  • I love #1

  • Bundle number one, the brighter colors appeal to me right now.

  • I love bundle #1 it just has a lot of my favorite colors in it and is softer.

  • Borh are nice but if I had to choose it would be #2!

  • I like bundle #1

  • number one says fun, sunshine and happy. number two says artsy and chic. What look do you want to go for? me? number one.

  • I like #1.

  • I like them both but number 1 just jumped out at me. It would be a great bundle to work with.

  • I love number 2!!! I am working on putting my own bundle together as well with my master bedspread in mind. It is a bit harder when my husband doesn’t want any flowers, or any girl colors, meaning no pink, purple, red, ect 🙂 (not even a pop of them )

  • What? Are we window shopping at the same Fat Quarter Shop?? I see so many cute new-to-me prints!! #1 all the way!

  • Bundle # 2!!!

  • Definitely #2!

  • Bundle #1 is my fav!!!

  • love 2 the pop of darker colour is great. I think its a little more “modern”

  • Bundle #1 is great. I don’t care for the black fabric in the second bundle.

  • I like bundle One……….you can send it to me if you Like

  • I like #2! 🙂

  • #1. Like the colors better, plus I keep thinking how much my cat’s white fur would show up on that dark blue in the second one.. 🙂

  • #1 from me…

  • #1 because it’s lighter and brighter!

  • Love them both (of course I do, you have impeccable taste), but #1 speaks to me! Actually, it’s yelling, “pick me! pick me!”

  • I prefer #1, but think #2 has more “pop”.

  • Love the colours in bundle #2 but don’t love words and numbers on fabric so I would vote for bundle #1.

  • Bundle #1 gets my vote. Along with several others I see. I like the brightness and the aqua colors.

  • Number #1 is my favorite. Love the bright colors!!!!!

  • Number #1 is my favorite. Love the bright colors!!!!!number two is good too.

  • I love bundle #1

  • Bundle 1 – Love birds 🙂

  • I vote number one. It has some of my favorite hues all together. 🙂

  • I thought I’d pick number 1, then I saw 2 & the contrast got me. Number 2!
    I LOVE that cathedral window type print in the first group though (& all the houndstooth too)

    Now I’m super curious to know which is your favourite!

  • #2! Without question.

  • Definitely no 1 … lovely.

  • number two ROCKS!!!

  • I love# 1! it has more colors than #2, so it is more exciting.

  • #1 is great.

  • Number 1 does it for me. Gorgeous combination.

  • I like them both. Number one would be a popular choice, the colors all blend and it doesn’t rock the boat. Number two on the other hand, pops! Navy and pink is thinking outside of the box, it is daring. Number one is safe, number two is daring 🙂 Good luck with your choices!!

  • Definitely bundle 1!

  • I’m all about number two!!! Love, love, LOVE it!!

  • Definitely number two – it’s just got something a little bit different about it. Colours and fabrics work really well together.
    But as I’m number 84, yu’ll probably have lost the will to live by now!

  • I love # 1 Soft and pretty.

  • No,. 1 I like the birdies

  • They are both great, but I’d go for the second one, I feel like the first is a bit obvious but the second is a more unusual quirky choice and I like a bit of that!

  • I would go for #1. Love the blues

  • I would pick #2 : )

  • #2 without a doubt!! Love it 🙂

  • I like number 2 the most.

  • i vote for #2

  • Both are nice but #1 gets my vote.

  • They both have amazing colors but for me, No. 1 is the winner!

  • Bundle 1 for sure!!!

  • #2 but only b/c I love blue and #1 is too soft for me.

  • I really love #1 and I may be ordering some of those fabrics after seeing yours!

  • I love #1!!

  • I like them both, yet I think #2 is more impacting. My vote is #2.

  • Corey, I would pick #!. I like it much better.

  • I love #1 but I am a sucker for text fabrics, so #2 is great too. It’s a tie for me!

  • I like #one best!

  • I like #1.

  • Definitely #1. What is that cathedral windows print? I must have it!

    • It’s in the Riley Blake Fly a Kite line.

  • Thats a tough one! I pick #1. I love the birds!

  • #2 is more to my taste. 🙂

  • #2 gets my vote

  • Bundle one caught my attention more but I love bundle two also. But alas one is the winner.

  • I like them both, but I think that #2 is more my style.

  • I love #1!It’s my kind of color’s bundle.

  • I love bundle 2!!

  • Number 2, hands down!

  • I pick bundle number 1 but they’re both super cute.

  • I like both, but #1 “feels” better for me! ;o)

  • I love bundle #1!! Makes me think of springtime!

  • Oh goodness! They are both so wonderful. If I had to chose only one I’d go with #1. I think it is more “me”.

  • Number 2 has more contrast

  • I like both but #1 is my #1 vote 🙂

  • love the boldness of #2!

  • Bundle #2, I like the darks.

  • Love love #2!

  • I like bundle 2!

  • #1

  • Both of the bundles are great, but would love number 1.

  • #1 is super awesome! Happy, bright, cheerful colors.

  • Love #2 the best, but I think #1 is more marketable so I’d say go with #!.

    Good luck!

  • #1

  • I vote for #2. I like the splash of blue.

  • love bundle 2!!!!!

  • Bundle 1 get my vote. But love them both.

    Quilting in Texas

  • # 1 is my fav!!! So bright and colorful ! Just gives you energy looking at it !

  • Number two has more contrast and it’s calling my name. GO NUMBER 2!

  • Loved bundle #2. Just fun and funky and love all the words and numbers too

  • Bundle 1 definitely.

  • Bundle 2 is definately my pick, very me. 🙂

  • The Pezzy prints put it over the top for me!

  • I love #1

  • Bundle #1 for sure!

  • Ooooh la la, definitely Bundle #1…it’s just sweet!

  • I would have to say #1 BUT they are both pretty awsome :)!!!!

  • Eu amei o # 2

  • Time is running out! Better get a wriggle on!

  • I would buy Both !

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