I’ve settled on my fabrics and have begun the task of sewing together teeny little squares.  It’s fun and has been coming together quickly.  Interestingly enough, I decided to press my seams open to make these–I’m a pretty firm side presser but I have found that when working with small pieces sometimes it works better to press the seams open–less bulk.

A tip for pressing seams open is to press them to one side as usual and then press them open–it works a whole lot better than trying to press open from the get go.

And another thing:

As many of you know, Google Friend Connect is being retired–I’m not sure if this applies to all blogs or only those not using blogger.  Either way, as of March 1, it will no longer be working on my blog as I don’t have a blog.  If you are currently following me via GFC, you might want to consider following via my RSS feed or via email subscription.  If you’re tired of my blathering on about fabric and such, that’s cool also….hubs and the kidders get tired of fabric blather as well. =)

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  • i never get tired of fabric talk i think i am on e-mail anyway

  • I never get tired either – I’m on RSS feed – works well

  • i love your pull! and if you don’t mind, what is that print with the handwritten notes on it? Your focus fabric in the tiny blocks you posted today.

    • It is a print from Spoonflower by Rashida Coleman Hale that coordinates with her new Washi line of fabric–here’s a link: There is also a grey colorway–so cute!

  • Love your itty bitty squares!!!

  • Yes, I would like to know about the print with the handwritten notes too. Very cute blocks.

  • Great blocks Corry! Are those tiny squares one-and-a-halfers? I just used about 100 postage stamp squares to make a friendship bag for a swap. Did it the easy way with fusible interfacing. It’s sooo much easier that way!

    • They are! I’ve worked with them quite a bit before–in fact I have a lap quilt made using all 1 1/2 squares. I have heard of the fusible method but I’ve never given it a whirl–I just may need to!

  • So not tired of your “blathering.” LOL. I already subscribe through RSS, so it’s all good! I love what you’re working on and like to press seams open, too, when working on small stuff. I love your fussy cut bigger squares. What personality they add to your blocks!

    • Thanks so much!–Pressing the seams open really helps on those small pieces doesn’t it!

  • I love those adorable blocks!!! I especially love the Spoonflower Washi fabric (I bought it too)! Can’t wait to see where you go from here.

    I feel in a panic abou the whole GFC thing! I just wanna scream!!! How am I supposed to follow all my favorite blogs? I hate the RSS reader!

  • What happy little squares! I’m so glad I found your blog and subscribed via email. I don’t want to miss one bit of your “blathering”! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your art!

    • Hee Hee!–Glad I can blather to someone who loves fabric as much as me!

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