the unknown tree

I am sure that I am not alone in doing less crafting lately and more enjoying the amazing weather!  80 degrees in March just doesn’t happen here in Ohio!  My trees are blooming–pear, weeping redbud, weeping peach, crabapple, “and some ornamental weird thing–per Ryan”–I think this may be the first time my logger husband hasn’t been able to identify a tree. =p  But, they are all in bloom–pinks, purples, and whites–I’m so hoping that it doesn’t get cold again quickly and freeze all my pretty flowers and buds off my trees!

I did whip up a “church bag” for Chloe on Saturday.  She’s been asking for a bag to carry her Bible, chapstick, pen, gum, etc. to church.  My LQS had a 20% off sale on Saturday if you wore green, so off we went.  I told Chloe she could pick out the fabrics she wanted with a little guidance from me.  This quickly went in an unexpected direction–I had no idea that my LQS had pillow pet fabric in primary colors, sparkly crown fabric, a myriad of sparkly fabrics in general, lizard fabric, and flip flop fabric.  All of which, according to Chloe, would look wonderful mixed together.

Luckily we were able to settle on fabrics that we both liked sans pillow pets and glitter.  She thought we needed to add a button to the pattern & picked out a large square white one.  I used the Lily Pocket Purse  pattern by Lazy Girl Designs which was the perfect size–it has a great little back pocket and some fun pockets on the inside.

back of bag

 The pattern was very easy to make–lots of detailed pictures and descriptions for this non-bag making gal, so it was a breeze to put together on Saturday afternoon.

Chloe is pretty happy about her bag and got to show it off at church on Sunday.

I’m thinking I might need to make a church bag of my own to carry all my misc. gear.  Do you have any favorite bag patterns?  Something pretty room but not too big with great pockets?

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  • Awww…that is a very sweet bag! Hope your daughter got many nice compliments~!

    I live in Ohio also, and YES…the trees in bloom are amazing!!!

  • This wee Bag is cute and appears easy to make, thanks for sending it to me, I will go to my stash to see what I have,,gee I know I have enough, you take care HUGS and Cheers xox

  • I live in California, and I’d like my weather back, please! I think Mother Nature is having a little dementia and got lost!

    My favorite bag pattern is the Sonoma Swing Bag from Pink Chalk Studios… Fast & Easy – I’ve made dozens of them! They’re perfect for people your daughter’s size! It uses a fat quarter for the inside, and about 5 – 2.5 inch strips for the outer and handle – and has the best ever instructions for inserting a zipper – I was really impressed!

    I love the bag you made! I may have to do something similar for my little Darling!

  • greetings from a fellow ohioan(northeast)…i agree as to the weather…what a pleasant change…

    you have a beautiful daughter…reminds me of our oldest granddaughter..a budding fashionista!

    thanks you for sharing your crafting talents…

  • That bag is just adorable and I love the fabric choices. Perfect for such a beautiful girl.

  • Chloe is looking pretty chic. Way to go mom. I’m sure they’re are going to be the must have for birthday presents this year.

  • I had to laugh because my poor mother who thinks shoes are just a necessity had a daughter (me) who never met a pair of shoes she didn’t like! Your description of merging your tastes for the fabric was priceless! Way to go Mom!

  • She is getting oh so grown up

  • Chloe is beautiful! The bag is adorable, they go well together! Good job, mom!!

  • Way to go Chloe! The big button was a great choice. I can highly recommend any of Anna’s Noodlehead patterns. I’ve made a couple of her bags, and she has some great styles and sizes.

  • The bag is really cute, and so is Chloe!

  • Your mystery tree looks to me like a flowering plum. As far as I know it is only ornamental, and oh so lovely! Love the cute bag!

  • What a great little bag 🙂 It’s the same here too, busy enjoying the warmer weather 🙂 Hope it lasts!

  • Very sweet! And Keyka Lou’s patterns are fantastic! I’ve made several and never had a problem!

  • Love the bag, love the tree.

  • Hey! You forgot my redwood tree:(

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