About being a kid

On the right of Ryan’s work truck, there lives a pile of dirt.  Compiled from countless trips on muddy roads, this small pile of dirt is a favorite of a small girl.

It is super fine dirt, very soft–perfect for running through your fingers and letting it blow in the wind.

This small pile of dirt will entertain a little girl for hours.

And cover little toes and jeans with dusty goodness. =)

The simple joys of childhood.

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  • Precious pictures! You sure also have a good camera to get those tiny granuals of dirt~ ♥♥♥

  • That is the best kind of fun!

  • oh so cute!

  • I love her dirty face! Fun, fun.

  • Great photos and what fun. Those are the days we must treasure!!

  • I don’t respond to blogs very much even though I faithfully read yours but i had to comment on these precious pics. This day in age when kids don’t really know how to be kids like we were growing up, its very refreshing to view this lil one having some serious good old fashion fun.
    Also would be willing to share what type of camera these pics were taken with? Great resolution.

    • Dee!–Thanks so much–I am so glad that you did comment. =) My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi.

  • Precious!!!

  • Cute post! At first, I thought she was holding a clump of her hair in the first picture. I thought it was going to be a post about sneaking beside Daddy’s truck and cutting her hair. LOL

  • Awwww cute!

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