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{almost} a year in the making

Wow!–First off, thanks everyone for the positive response to my Triangle Toss quilt!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks as I wrap my head around some new opportunities–hence, the lack of blogging.  Ever have too much to blog about so you just don’t?…that’s me right now. =)

Also, for those of you who might be making the Triangle Toss quilt, I noticed(thanks to a blog reader for pointing it out!) that there is an update to the cutting instructions here.

Now, on to something else fun!

On May 15, 2010 I sent out a starter block and journal to the first member in the Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee.  My block and journal have traveled from person to person around the world with each person adding a block and journaling and then sending the package onto the next person.

The block instructions were simple:  make a block in the same style as mine, using the multi polka dot fabric I included and add coordinating fabrics from your stash.

And, after almost 2 years, my blocks and journal have arrived safely at home.  I have an incredible journal–filled with stuff like this:

and this:


And wonderful blocks from all around the world…Australia, Germany, Canada, & the US

Thanks so much Quilting Journey ladies!

Now, I need to decide how I want to put this bad boy together.  With all of the color and craziness it seems like it needs some kind of sashing–but, as soon as I put sashing in, it puts such a harsh border around each of the blocks which I don’t care for.  I might need to play around a little bit with sashwork color choices so the sashing doesn’t become such a focal point.

Any suggestions?

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  • oh wow! such pretty blocks. the colors are so so happy!

  • I would try a white with small dot in either pink or orange. Maybe even a neutral with some tone on tone. Nothing too bright or flashy but very subtle. Looks awesome. Wish I could do something like that.

    • I love the idea of the white/pink or orange small polka–that might be just the thing!

  • I would love to see all the blocks without sashing. And you could add a solid border after.

    I made a wonky square in a square quilt and I was sure it needed sashing because I though it would be too busy without it but it turned out really great. (

    Your blocks are wonderful ! It must be fun to read this little journal 🙂

    • This quilt is lovely! I tried laying out all of my blocks and I’m a little bit overwhelmed by all of the color—maybe I’ll try it again.

    • oh Marika I love your happy quilt!

  • Maybe use the fabric that you sent to everyone so that the blocks meld together. Any plain colour would be too harsh. If you don’t have enough, use a patterned fabric similar to one of the fabrics used. You could use a plain orange or mauve as a thin border around the entire quilt, just to add dimension. Love to see the finished quilt.

  • Wow, what a great idea and a fun way to get so many awesome blocks. I am sure the journal will be a treasure for some time 🙂 Maybe try alternating some polka dot sashing in lighter colors 🙂

  • My kind of round robin – love the concept, the journal and all the beautiful blocks. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. BTW – I do not have the problem of so much going on I can’t blog, quite the opposite right now. LoL Judy C

  • Great minds must think alike – I was just taking a break from working on my own wonky quilt and thinking about how to put it all together. My colors are very similar to those in your blocks. I’m thinking Kona Snow. Not sure about the backing . . .

  • What about using multiple colors for the sashing. It would give you that break of straight lines but would flow from color to color with ease.

    And I’m excited that you said new opportunities because I know that means something good is coming that I probably won’t be able to wait for 🙂

    I am currently working on a round row quilt group too and it is exciting to see what each person adds to the quilt top. Lucky for me when mine comes back it should be just about a finished quilt top.

  • That is just exciting to have such a journal on your quilt! That is a treasure for sure!!!! I’m with you, those blocks call for some kind of sashing but not sure what. Maybe a pieced block sashing in solids that wouldn’t be just a stark line running between them? Just a thought…..

  • Maybe instead of ONE color sashing, you could use many different coordinating prints to sash it?

  • Great looking blocks. The colors are awesome.

  • Yahoo! You got it back, Corey. What a journey it was – almost two years!! You sent it to me first and then on it went – around the world. When I think back on the last two years I think about the amazing journey you have been on personally. Published in magazines and all kinds of other cool stuff. Yay, you!

    I am so glad “the package” is back in your home with you.


  • Wow! That is so much fun! I wish I had quilting friends all over the world I could do that with! I like the dots idea for the sashing. Or maybe a blush pink.

  • I love that traveling journal! What an excellent idea and a very special keepsake 🙂

  • How about mixing up the sashing by using several colors instead of all one color. It would keep the scrappy effect in place.

  • Such Happy colors and looks lovely, GREAT work,,HUGS and take care Cheers Jeanne xox

  • What a wonderful idea for your bee. Love the blocks and that journal will be quite the keepsake.

  • I had scrappy crumb blocks and was in a similar dilemma. Here’s how I put mine together: I actually joined the blocks in fours & sashed in between the rows then put borders around it in the same fabric. It just kind of floats on the background. Very different from anything I have done before but very happy indeed. Maybe a gray would be nice to make your colors pop?

    • I really like the look this gave your quilt! Definitely gives me another angle!

  • This journal is such a cool idea! I love the way the pages are embellished.

  • How fun!!! I would love to do something like this. I’d love to get the details from you. When you have time, of course… 🙂

  • OMG!!! I am sooo jealous! What a cool idea. I wish I could get in on something like this. What a treasure that notebook must be.

  • I really love these blocks!!! And all together in a quilt they will look FANTASTIC!!! … What a great way to document a quilt made by more than one individual!!! Looking forward to seeing how you put it together!!

  • What fabulous blocks!

  • This bee was the inspiration for a bee I just started. My bee mates were not so keen on the journalling part because of the mailing costs, but it’s still going to be really fun.

  • you could do a wonky sash in a sold color or two then sew them together. If they are 12 go to 15 with the wonky sashings.

  • That is just soooo lovely! I have to do this some day when I gather enough quilting friends!!!

  • I didn’t read through all of the comments so I don’t know if someone else said this but what if you continued the pattern of the block for the sashing on each square only with a solid color that is not white. That way it won’t be so stark and it will look like part of the block. Is that possible? If it isn’t you should still do a border in a solid color that isn’t white I think. You could pick any color from the quilt to use but I think if you got a solid that was the same color green from the multi colored polka dot fabric that it would look fabulous and be a bit more calming. I love the blocks though! Cant wait to see what you come up with!

  • I think that maybe several solids and more than one for each block. Maybe even more than one on some of the sides. To stop the suddenness of the plain a little stitchery. Not as much as in a crazy quilt, just a couple of seams in the blocks and some of the sashing seams. If you want to put some work into it, from a distance the stitchery could spell out the different countries the blocks came from. After you put them on a design wall take a photo, print out in several pages(big enough to see some of the seam lines) and start marking seam lines that make the letters you need. Like I said some work but you would always remember everywhere your beautiful quilt went.

  • Corey – Congratulations!!! It is done!!! 🙂 So fun!

    I had one thought, after reading through all the comments. Can you do a skinny sashing in a color?? Maybe even an inch finished??? It seems like that would fit with the tiny pieces in the blocks. Just a thought! 🙂


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