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Morning Antique Find

Chloe and I had a fun little Antique-about this morning–we hit 3 local antique shops.  I didn’t find anything that I was looking for but, I was thrilled to find this vintage quilt in an old window for a whopping $29 bucks.

I brought it home and Ryan asked me if it was one of my quilts.  Yes, it is….I just happened to find a quilt I made at an antique mall….I am very old….I’m not sure how one of my quilts ended up in an antique mall..maybe I just don’t remember because I am so old…and also, apparently, I am excellent at hand piecing…and hand quilting.

When I told him no, I hadn’t made it, he couldn’t understand why I would want someone else’s quilt.

This is totally going above my fireplace mantle.  I love it!

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  • Wow! What a great find, Corey. I love it.

    Happy Easter!

  • We need to find more of these quilts and happily hang or store so to preserve them.

  • We need to find more of these quilts and happily hang or store so to preserve them. Beautiful!!

  • Non-quilters don’t really understand, do they? Not really. It’s just our nature to appreciate others’ work as much as we enjoy doing our own pieces. Besides, it’s a lovely quilt … and so cool to have it already framed. 🙂

  • Perfect for above a fireplace!! I LOL when I saw your husband’s response….all things quilty really does mean ALL!!

  • What a great find! I love it.Well done!

  • WOW what a fabulous find!! I love it, and it definitely would have come home with me too 🙂

  • You won the lottery! It’s beautiful!

  • lucky you almost as lucky as me getting my mother-in-laws hand quilted tops

  • OH Wow this is beautiful and such a pattern I love it,,what a find again I love it,,Happy Easter take care HUGS and Cheers Jeanne xox

  • This is beautiful and so springy. Great find!

  • men.

  • Lovely quilt. Glad you ‘rescued’ it. Hubby will learn one of these days.

  • Beautiful! I would have a hard time explaining it to someone else. But, I totally get it.

  • What a fantastic find!!
    It is beautiful!

  • Love it! I too “collect” old quilts (when I can afford them) and I buy old blocks too — I can’t stand to think someone spent all that time and effort (and had something beautiful in mind — or practical) and it sits in an antique shop by itself. I hope someone would rescue a quilt I made someday if that is where it ends up. Great find!

  • Beautiful quillt, and what a great deal! Men, bless them. It’s that Y Chromosome that messes them up all the time, and keeps them from understanding our logic! 😎

  • WOW! What an incredible and beautiful find!!

  • What a great find! And the price…my goodness, the price. I too love the little quilt. Lucky!

  • Love the little quilt – husband’s remarks – well, what can we say. My answer is usually “just because I can.” LoL Judy C

  • Hay, I would have love to have gone antiquing. 🙂 Love that you’re sharing the fun with Chloe!

  • Fantastic. How big is it?

  • what a bargain…..such a great find! Men……but I guess I don’t get the excitement of engines either!!!! LOL

  • GREAT find! You really lucked out on that one — thanks for sharing with us!

  • Wow !!! That is an amazing find. Can totally understand why it came home with you and is being hung above the mantle. It will look amazing.

  • You have the most AMAZING antique shops down by you. I have a few here, but they’re not as good as yours! Have a great Easter!

  • I wish they had garage sales in England . They don’t even have respectable car boot sales . Dreadful old tat

  • What a wonderful find. I would snap that up in a second. I love the design of the quilt, it reminds me of a basket of flowers,

  • Some men do get it. In the winter my railroading farmer grandfather did beautiful embroidery and would quilt with my grandmother. I know that he helped work on the quilt that I got when I turned 18. My father & my brother both “can” sew, at least enough to mend, so they at least appreciate they work that goes into quilting. Unfortunately as fewer women sew, fewer mothers teach their sons to embroider or sew on their own buttons, and therefore fewer people who appreciate the efforts.

  • I want to go hunting with YOU! Amazing!!

  • Not exactly sure where you live, but I never find bargains like this out here in Wyoming. Guess by the time the settlers got here, they were needing quilts out of sturdier stuff and used them up!

  • $29???? Oh my goodness, Corey! I am so glad this lovely quilt found a home where it is appreciated! Just lovely! 🙂

  • Too funny… guess I would just ask him (if he was an old car lover) the same sort of thing! Wonderful the colors and pattern are wonderful.
    Someone put a lot of love into that quilt.

  • Hi there! I found your post on Pinterest, and am creating something very similar…I bought an old window, that I stripped and will prep and am finishing up creating the quilt piece that will go inside it. My question for you is, how is the quilt secured to the window? I’m thinking I’ll use strips of thin wood nailed on the back side, sandwiching the fabric to keep it evenly taut. But would love to hear how this piece was secured!


  • I’m with Alex…have an old window frame and am wondering how to mount my quilt piece to it. Can you post pics od the other side and let us know please?

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