I’m a Proud Mom!

Chloe, my almost 7 year old!, was playing with her Leapster and she decided to make a quilt block.  This is what she came up with…very proud of my little quilt makin’ Chloe!  I took her design on over to EQ7 and this is what the block looked there:

Then I let her color in her block in EQ7.  This is what she came up with:

I took her block and put it into a quilt layout & voila! Chloe’s first ever quilt design:

Cool, right?!?

I don’t know that Chloe will end up being so into fabrics/quilts like I am but that girl does love herself a good craft project!  She did tell me that when she grows up she will have a fabric store and I can work there.  However, she’s also told me that she wants to “be a vet, or a teacher, or maybe I’ll just get a husband”. =p

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  • how cute… that……when I have Project Linus sew days, I let the kids that come design a quilt with pre cut fabrics and I’ll sew it together just like they lay it out……they always like that

    • This is a wonderful idea!

  • I’d say that apprentice is hired

  • Very cool!!! Some definite talent there for sure!

  • So fun!! She is so adorable and talented to boot!!

  • Way to go Chloe!

  • Well she did learn from one of the best. That’s a really sweet little layout that Chloe came up with 🙂 Are you going to make it for her?

  • Woohoo! Start ’em young!

  • Wonderful!!! A great quilt designer!!!

  • So very cool! A quilter in the making!!!

  • So cute!

  • very, very good. Now if you make it for her, that would be something really, really special. It may take a while, but she’s a quilter in the making!!

  • It is always fun to see their creative side….at least she has dreams.

  • Very cool!

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