Last week, I spent some time trying to get some good shots of Miss Elonie.  I find that I have a lot of pictures of this:

SummerLove Bundle

But, not as many of my girlies.  Chloe’s last week of school was last week so, while she was learning Elonie and I had a couple photo shoots outdoors.  We had some great cloudy days–you can always get the best photos on cloudy days so I took advantage.

I had to take this picture of Elonie:


because, 2 years ago, I took this picture of Chloe:

And another picture of my little goober:

In that photo she’s standing under our weeping peach tree.  It grows teeny little peaches about the size of grapes.  She loves to pick them off and stick them between the spare tire and the tail gate on the back of our jeep.  I went to the grocery store over the weekend and noticed about 10 of them on the ground in the parking spot after I got there–hopefully they weren’t sailing out behind me as I drove down the road–I didn’t hear any unhappy honking as I drove so I think all was well.

I did manage to snap one fabric picture in the last couple of days.

Some fabrics that I’m auditioning for a little stitchery I drew up.  I adore that birch print, it’s a new addition to my stash as well as the Summersville print.

Sunday afternoon we hit the pond, for some fishing with the family.

Finally, after several fishing trips, Chloe snagged her first fish.

Followed by 4 more.  She’s quite the little fisher girl.

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well!

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  • Great pics.
    Miss Elonie is a very sweet and pretty girl!

  • That stack of fabric is almost as adorable as Miss Elonie. Close, but no cigar.

  • Those are some darn cute girls. They grow up fast, enjoy them.

  • Beautiful little girls. Am excited to hear you are planning another stitchin’pattern. Love the color choice.

  • That last short of Elonie is THE CUTEST!!

  • wow cracking puctures, the first one especailly, what camara was this taken with?

  • Your girls are beautiful. So is that fabric. 🙂

  • Little cuties

  • Just noticed that they are wearing the same dress!! How cute! 🙂

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