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Cotton Couture Color Card

I have something that I should be doing, so instead I’m going to type up this blog post…  I’m not gonna lie, I am doing a bit of procrastinating…we all have those days…well, today is procrastinate day..feel free to take advantage.

I’m gonna talk a little bit about this fun Michael Miller color card that came in the mail this week.  We all know I have a thing for color cards..a girls gotta be able to match up the right solid, right?

Well, look how cute it is…and it’s even cuter on the inside.

And the best part, all of those little fabric swatches are…wait for it…REMOVABLE.  I’m pretty excited about that little tidbit of info.  No more bending and coaxing your color card into some odd mishapen bit of cardboard trying to see how 2 colors look side by side…never, mind if you need to compare more than 2 fabrics side by side.  Now, you can simply remove, scope it out, and restick it back in place….brilliant…

You can pick up a Michael Miller Cotton Couture Color Card of your very own at:

Fat Quarter Shop

Hawthorne Threads

I suppose I need to get to work on that one thing….or find some other way to procrastinate…maybe my girlies need a story read to them…

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  • So funny! As soon as I logged on to your blog I said “I have that!” Quilt market is where I got mine. I did not know that they were removable! YAY! Thank you for that information. 🙂

    I really enjoy your blog.

    robin 🙂

  • I’ll let the girls at the shop know that I’m allowed to procrastinate today. However, the term “procrastination” has such a negative feel to it – so we refer to it as “Creative Avoidance”! Enjoy !

  • My guild was lucky enough to have Ann
    Miller speak on evening. She brought
    enough cards for everyone and we got
    a few fat eights to play with.

  • removable you say? I LOVE the Cotton Couture solids… my new favorites. 🙂

  • Thanks for all the pictures, I was wondering about getting this but I couldn’t quite tell how the whole thing was set up. Lusty! I think I’ll have to go for it

  • Removable is brilliant! Wish they would do that with paint swatches that you get on the ring…

  • Gorgeous! I may have to pick up one of those!!

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