Fusion Blanket Crochet Along Week 4

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16 Responses

  1. Oh yikes, sorry to hear about your pedal, I hope your husband can get it working again!! And yes, I can absolutely relate to that darned secret project problem. I hadn’t seen Camille’s post, so thanks for linking it. I completely agree with you both. So hard to balance, and to find things to share on the blog when you’re in the midst of other projects that you can’t share.

    Congratulations on all of the projects you’ve got going on behind the scenes, though, I think that’s wonderful!

  2. marcella says:

    I like it when bloggers show pictures of fabric they are working with for secret projects. Well, I like it when they later remember to show the projects with a remember this? Here’s what I did with it. I enjoy those appetizer shots 🙂

  3. Personally, I don’t mind radio silence for awhile if you’ve got other things going on… I guess I’ve always assumed the silence is for a reason (either personal blogging break or projects you can’t share). I don’t feel it makes your blog less interesting. For me, I’d rather the silence than endless pics of stacks of fabric. Those don’t really thrill me.

  4. DianeY says:

    I personally don’t feel anyone has an obligation to show all their accomplishments and they don’t need to justify that they are working on anything! I absolutely hate reading “I’m working really hard but I can’t share it now”. I follow enough blogs to keep me busy & I really don’t notice the lack of a post. I feel that a good post is one that can be shared, and I’d rather wait for that one.

  5. Gra says:

    Hi! This such a great project! I am not into crochet …not yet…but many of my spanish speaking readers are and I am sure they will love to come see and read about the project. So I have just made a post on my blog about it. I hope it is ok with you and Heidi. I have also included some of your pictures but have included links for everything. If you find that could be a problem, please let me know and I will erase the post. Thanks for such wonderful tutorials!!

  6. Gra says:

    I am sorry. Having English as a second language can be tricky! I just realize may be I am mistaken. Who is leading the project. Have I joined two different projects???? I googled about it and found those blogs. Are they related in the same project?? Sorry..I just got TOO excited, I guess!!

  7. Mary says:

    I like the teases. It’s fun to see the fabric and imagine what I would like to make with. Thanks, Mary

  8. Ruth B says:

    I love little sneak peeks if you have the time…

  9. Lline says:

    Sneak peeks are cool when we see what they become. I’ve started the Fusion Crochet quilt also. I’ve made a couple of changes though. I put a layer of batting inside each square then stitched 1/4 inch inside each edge. I’m putting the blanket stitching on now. Maybe after the crochet is on the blocks I’ll quilt a spiral or heart or something in each block before stitching them together. I know I’m crazy but I have a bunch of flannel squares (Change of Heart I think) with lavender yarn and a Fall one (Gobble Gobble) with brown yarn. Couldn’t decided so I gave up and am doing both. Sorry no camera for pictures.

  10. Amanda Rose says:

    My progress on the fusion blanket is just dragging along! I have 10 blocks crocheted, though!
    Also, “I had professionally electric taped it all up” is hilarious!

  11. amy g :) says:

    lol, that looks JUST like the state of my phone charger for the better part of a year! the rabbit kept chewing through it….eventually it got too close to the end, and there wasn’t enough left for me to strip the wires and wind back together. but i whole-heartedly support electrical taping efforts of wires in said condition 🙂

  12. Betty says:

    I’d rather wait until you can show your work. It doesn’t feel good to come to a blog, that isn’t going to share with me something creative. Which is why I read quilting blogs.

  13. elsa says:

    Hope your pedal is fixed by now ~ nothing worse than having a broken pedal.
    Love the tidbits that you’re sharing ~ such a tease ~ but excited for you to be published!

  14. I’m such a slacker with the crochet. But the Olympics should be a nice time to start catching up. And I’ll post some progress, hopefully next week. There sure are some great pictures on Flickr!

  15. Julie says:

    That poor pedal! It’s had a hard life! I’m loving your fabric for the fusion blanket! I’m making good progress on my project. I have about a third of them top stitched. I’ll get there.

  16. Amy DeCesare says:

    That foot pedal wire brings back memories…my puppy did that to mine the very first day we had her!!! My husband fixed it. 🙂 To this day, my dog likes to chew her legal treats while her paws are on wires. She likes to lay on my foot pedal wire while I sew, and I love her company now that she is a good girl!
    Please continue to show those gorgeous fabrics, in lovely stacks of goodness! Until we can see the finishes, they are keeping me happy.