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Summer Days

I’ve had a bit of a lazy week this week.  I’ve wrapped up and shipped some things off to where they need to be–I don’t have any looming deadlines aside from a couple bee blocks that need to be made.  So things have been pretty lazy around here this week.

I find that I work best with deadlines for specific projects.  If left to my own devices I can flit from project to project not accomplishing much–and in the meantime drumming up even more ideas I’d like to see come to fruition.

I am constantly amazed by some quilty blogs that I visit who manage to crank out quilt tops weekly.  I can do that, and have done that, but only for a very short duration.  Then, I need some time to chill out and recharge the creative.

I had a wonderful lazy morning yesterday chatting with my Grandma.  I took her over a bin of fabrics that I knew I wasn’t going to get around to using….and we talked quilts.  It’s a great day when it starts out with fabric talk.  My grandma is working on finishing several quilts tops that her mom had made.  I was especially intrigued with an appliqued quilt my great grandma made using red and orange solids.  Pretty on point with today’s solid trend and probably made close to 100 years ago.

She also talked about the times when fabrics were very difficult to purchase, they just weren’t available to purchase during the war–hence the introduction of Feed Bags/Sacks & how they first began making their way into clothes and quilts.  It was a little slice of fabric history.

And it maybe, just maybe has given me a little boost of creative to dive into these fabrics I pulled earlier this week.  Although my day might be spent just hanging with my girlies. =)

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  • beautiful fabrics you pulled together. So special you still have your Grandma, Grandma’s are the best 🙂

  • I love the colors and prints you have pulled together! You are so lucky to get that slice of quilt history from your grandma! Have a great weekend.

  • I loved reading your post and hearing abut your time with your Grandma. And of course your fabric stacks are lovely. You sound very relaxed – good for you!

  • Love that 2nd photo…nice shout-out for my maiden name, (I’m sure that is why you did it, right?)

    • Ha!–That’s right–not so easy finding Hershberger!

  • Oh wow, where did you get those fabrics, which range are they from, would love to know where I can get similar here in the UK? Just love the greys and turquoise.

    • They are fabrics from my stash from a wide variety of lines. California Girl by Fig Tree Quilts has a similiar feel with corals, yellows, greens, blues.

  • How wonderful you have your grandma to share things with. Have you made a quilt together? Beautiful fabrics you have selected 🙂

    • It really is. I’ve talked quilts with her before but not to the extent that I did yesterday. We haven’t made a quilt together but she did make a quilt for each one of her grandkids so I do have that!

  • Being a “grandma” myself, I love reading grandma stories. Unfortunately I have only 3 sons and 3 grandsons…..my granddaughter is not interested in sewing, so I have no one to share my love of quilting with or pass on fabrics and stories. I lost my grandmother 40 years ago and miss her every day, so continue to cherish your time with yours! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful fabrics…….thank you!

    • Thanks so much Diane! I didn’t have any interest in sewing until after I was married–your granddaughter might surprise you yet!

  • Your grandma sounds like mine although we had canning in common. You fabrics are so pretty and I bet your grandma had many good ideas for their use. My mom sewed a lot but only clothing so I just wish she and I could have had time to quilt together as I know she would have been as intrigued as I am by how much you can do with fabrics now. Keep us informed of what happens with this latest batch of fabrics.

  • What a beautiful selection. You can come pull fabrics in my stash any time.

  • So sweet to have your grandma around…treasure those moments Ü
    LOVE your fabric photos… would love one of each of your fabrics, they’re so yummy!

  • What is the fabric called that has a teal background with the white flowers with orange/red centers and black stems? I see it off and on and just love it but I do not know much about the fabric. Thanks for your help

    • It’s from the Farmdale line of fabric by Alexander Henry.

      • Thank you so much!!! I did find it but only in red not the teal, but now I know what to keep my eyes open for. I just want to say you have the most wonderful website and you make the most beautiful things. What an inspiration you are!!!

  • I love your choice of fabrics! Can you please share with me what is the name of the yellow fabric that has the text writing on it? It says SEEDS, etc on it. Thank you so much!

    • That fabric is Seed Catalog from Annie’s Farm Stand by Lakehouse.

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