Sweet Celebrations Moda Bake Shop Book

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10 Responses

  1. Congratulations! I wish I could see the first picture and the Promo picture!

    I’m getting out my learn how to crochet DVD this week, I’ve got the perfect fabric for the fusion blanket, and doing the blanket stitching isn’t a problem, but all I can do is a single crochet chain..it’s time to get back to learning!

  2. Congratulations Corey! Your projects are beautiful and I want to own this book!
    I’m working on my crochet as I did not master it while spending the weekend at the retreat with Cindy.

  3. Yippee Skippee!!! Isn’t it fun to finally let the cat out of the bag!!! I thought that was your project. It had you written all over it!! Lovely 🙂

  4. Toni says:

    Yeah! I have a whole bunch of Fig Tree fabric that’s just waiting for inspiraiton…I’ll definitely pick up the book!

  5. Dianne says:

    I love fig tree too! Definitely probably my all time fav fabric…ever.

  6. Jessica C says:

    Hey, hey! I recognize that gorgeous pillow! It sits on my bed every day! Love it!

  7. Mary Deckert says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait for the book! Love the quilt that’s made from California Girl in the promo shot….that may or may not be your quilt 🙂 I was wondering if you could, without giving anything away, maybe give a hint of yardage and/or precuts required for that quilt so I person could gather that fabric up before it’s all gone by the time to book comes out.

  8. Amanda Rose says:

    All of those pieces are great. I love the mailbox, too!

  9. marcella says:

    Congratulations on being in a book! That is really awesome. Your hint of a project looks lovely – can’t wait to see the whole thing in the book.