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Quilted States of America and Winner

I, very spur of the moment, decided to enter in this round of the Modern Quilted Pillow Swap over on flickr.  This swap runs a little bit differently than traditional swaps in that everyone makes whatever pillow design they would like, everyone votes on their favorites & based on the number of votes your pillow receives is how the pillow recipients are decided.

I made a 14″ appliqued United States of America pillow.  I free motion quilted across the USA part and hand quilted the background fabric.  It will soon be making it’s way to it’s new owner. =)

And now, the winner of the Stitch Craft Create Magazine giveaway….

Congrats Wendi!–I just sent you an email. =)

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend–filled with lots of productivity–or relaxation–or both!

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  • Magazines, more magazines, that’s right up my alley!

  • Your America pillow is just amazing! I think I need to make a Canada one now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • What (yet another!) TOTALLY AWESOME idea! Nice work!

  • Wow! That USA pillow is amazing!!

  • Love the quilted US pillow!!! brilliant.

  • Thanks for a great giveaway and congrats to Wendi!
    I love your cushions!

  • Your USA pillow is awesome. You are definitely a “winner” in my book.

  • That pillow is awesome!

  • Love the pillow ~ it’s wonderful!

  • Oh wow, awesome cushion! Using that text print as the background was brilliant, and I love how the hand quilting makes it look like the writing is on dashed paper.

  • Wow, WOW!!! I love that pillow. I think that would super fun for my granddaughter. I LOVE it. I think I said that already. But it bears repeating…

  • Okay, how did you make that USA pillow?! I need to make one for my husband, who just became a US citizen!

  • The pillow is awesome! I love it! Great job!

  • LOVE the usa map pillow!

  • Great idea!

  • The USA pillow is very different and very unique. Great for someone who is a new citizens.

  • Corey….I just saw that I won your book….WOW! I’m so excited, but I never received an email…..Now What????

    • Hey Wendi!–I just sent you another email. If for some reason you don’t receive that one just hit that “contact me” pink button over there to the right and send me your mailing address. =)

  • Do you have a pattern for that pillow? It’s seriously cool!!

  • Love the United States pillow! Is there a pattern available?


    • Thank you!–I don’t have a pattern available for this. =)

  • where can I buy the text print?

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