Fabric Stash

Overflowing with free scraps

My scrap bin has taken a turn for the worse.  It’s overflowing and busting at the seams.

I would love to offload a medium flat rate box stuffed full of them to anyone who wants to pay the shipping for me to send them to you.

I can’t guarantee what you may find.  I found this little block…but, I’m hanging onto it….

There’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

It’s all quilt shop quality, unwashed fabric scraps…some larger pieces, some smaller.  You won’t get all the fabric in the pictures–there’s no way it would all fit…I’m telling you, it’s out of control.  I’ll leave out the solids…so a fun mix of prints.

Any takers?

If you are interested, just comment below and I’ll contact you for your paypal address to invoice you the cost of shipping ($12.35 for a medium flat rate box/US only).  I only have one box available right now.

Hopefully someone wants to help me with this crazy scrap bin!

~Boy!–You guys are fast!–the scraps have been claimed!~

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  • Hi there!
    Hey I’ll take your lovely scraps!
    my email is denise.whittle@hsd.cccounty.us
    Thank you!

  • Oh my gosh. You have some seriously cute scraps. I only wish I could spend the money because I would be thrilled if those in that last picture would be heading my direction. Hopefully you will have some takers and clear out your sewing room a little.

  • I would love to be the lucky recipient of that box. Let me know if I make the cut and I’ll get you the dough.

  • Our group would love it. Let me know.



  • I would love to get my hand on these scraps, the colors are beautiful! I especially love the black and white pieces!

  • I’ll take them if you haven’t found anyone yet!

  • Bummed I am not the first comment. Would love to have some of these scraps!

  • Ok I know I’m a few people down the list, but can I be next in line for that fabulous scrap box?? Should the others fall through! 😀

  • I’d love to help you reduce your scraps too!
    Please let me know if you have any left, and I’ll send a paypal payment.

  • Please put my name in the pool! Would love to have those scraps!

  • i know you said there’s only one box, but it can’t hurt to put my name in the queue if there’s more!!

  • Hi

    If it doesn’t work out with the previous taker and I will happily pay the shopping. 🙂


  • Ohhhh gosh! I would love these fabrics. It would be like Christmas in Feb. I recently changed job discriptions and now have a working office in my home so I’ve had more time to quilt. I love piecing and appliqué work but as you know it takes a lot of different fabric choices and my scrap box is empty. 🙁 So this would be an answer my need for smaller pieces. Pick me… Pick me! Hahaaaaa! I’ll pay postage. No problemmo! 🙂 just lmk

  • As much as I would LOVE looking through your scraps, I just sent a bag of my own to the ‘ugly’ quilters in our town. They make quilts for charity from scraps and ugly fabrics. =)

  • yummy, scraps.
    I would love the opportunty to play with them. Thanks for the chance!

  • I’d like to put my name in the hat too for those scraps. They look great!

  • ohhhh…I’m too late…but if you really want to get rid of it all, perhaps I’ll make the cut eventually 🙂

  • Throw me in the runnin to!

  • Dang….too late – saw a scrap I need to complete a block I ran short on:-)

  • all about it if you are still looking, can prepay it and send you the label

  • Just in case you decide to draw for it, I’ll add my name in too – those are lovely and bright … just what I need!

  • Our quilt guild makes quilts for foster children. Last year, we made and gave away 65! We give them to Safe Place in Everett, WA. When children get removed from their homes in the middle of the night, they so to Safe Place where they get showers and clean clothes, and a warm quilt to sleep with. We could absolutely use these fabrics to make quilts for foster children. 🙂

    • I make charity quilts also and have WAY too many scraps. You can have some of mine. Do you require specific sizes?

  • My oh my!!!!!Happiness shining from your basket to my eye!!! WHAT FUN!!! I’d like to copy this idea on my blog!!!! “)

  • Oh I would LOVE to have those scraps!!! I don’t have any of these types of fabrics and it would be so fun to make things from them. I would be most happy to pay postage for these goodies!!!

    Please put my name in the hat, too!!

    Kay >^..^<
    Cozy Kitten Quilter

  • You had me a scraps… but I see I’m not the only one that sees them as treasure! LOL

  • I WOULD LOVE SOME SCRAPS! I am so tired of looking at the ones I have. Some different pattterns etc. would be great.

  • I would love your scraps. it is so much fun working with other people’s fabrics. As they are so different than your own. Working out of your square.

  • Hey I would love to take them off your hands, I am visiting in the US and have an address here for one more month. Also, have pay pal all set up.


  • I would be so happy to take those scraps off your hands. I have 3 granddaughters that want to learn to piece a quilt and to do english paper piecing. They are 11, 10 and 7. Also have a grandson that thinks he might want to learn. These would be so wonderful, so many different fabrics. I can do pay pal in a heartbeat. Let me know and thank you for the offer. Good luck deciding. LOL Happy Scrapping.

  • I`d love your scraps!

  • I love scrap quilts and would love to incorporate your lovely scraps into a quilt.

  • I would love to take them off your hands. I am a US veterans and I can’t afford that much fabric!

  • I’ll take some if there are any left!!

  • Hi I would love to be the proud owner of your scrap.. and find inspiration in all those beautiful pieces of fabric so difficult to find in Denmark … Of course I will pay the expences for sending it to Denmark … Have a nice day … 🙂

  • My scrap bin looks EXACTLY like that. I should do something like this–I feel guilty looking at all the scraps, knowing that they can become someone else’s treasures…

  • I guess you got slammed with people who would love to have your scraps. Just in case you are making a list for whenever it happens again, please add me. Thanks for the opportunity!!

    This is my first visit to your site, but I’ve marked it so I can see what you make with these adorable, fun materials!!

  • If you have scraps available, I work with a small group of ladies who make blankets for Project Linus, we would so appreciate anything you might like to share.
    Every scrap is a blessing.

  • Well I am sure that the scraps have found a new home already. Next time you have a pile I’d love to take them off of your hands! I am just learning how to quilt and do not have a stash yet? Scraps would really help me out….. 🙂

  • Hello. Scraps for me means that I can continue my craft, and that is : I make fabric softie dolls, and donate them to the sick children at the local hospitals, they would make one sunny day for me, and put smiles on many others

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