Scrappy Trip Around the World

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14 Responses

  1. Betty J. Ray says:

    This is a GREAT quilt! I need to use us some strips and this is at the top of my list now so I must work on it this winter.

  2. prsd4tim2 says:

    Oh, this turned out beautifully! I have a scrappy trip about 3/4 done and I hope to finish the top by next week. I’ve kind of been putting it off, and I think seeing your finished quilt has inspired me to go get to work on it. Thanks!

  3. elsa says:

    Love this scrappy trip! I was just thinking about mine and how it’s still not finished ~

  4. Peggy Hendrick says:

    Love the look of this! Do you have a pattern you followed or did you just “wing” it…what size are the finished squares? I think I’ll try something like this after I am done with my Christmas quilting projects.

  5. Marcia R. says:

    Corey, it turned out beautiful! Love the quilting, love the binding you chose. And your “mistake” looks perfectly intentional to me. I hope it does well at auction!

  6. Carla says:

    It’s so pretty! It’s fun seeing a peek of my block ( I think )

  7. What a fun scrappy quilt! My least favorite part of quilting is the sandwiching part. Ugh–HATE it. Which is a good reason to send it out. Looks like Abby did a beautiful job.

  8. Janis Tomasek says:

    The black print binding really sets off the pretty and bright prints in the quilt.

  9. amanda jean says:

    what a beautiful finish, Corey! the block mis-orientation makes the quilt charming! the scrappy trip it’s such a fun quilt, isn’t it?

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  10. Great scrappy quilt, and the quilting is awesome!

  11. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous quilt! I love the navy binding and the quilting too.

  12. Lea says:

    Oh what a fabulous quilt! I could just sit and look it. Beautiful!

  13. Uarda says:

    I love your quilt. I love the colors and it was the ‘mistake’ that drew me to your quilt.