Churn to the Dash Quilt


My daughter Elonie has taken to adding “to the” to her sentences–for example “Mom, can I have “yo” to the “gurt”?

This little “to the” has taken over the way Ryan and I talk as well–“Lilli needs some dog to the food” or “After school we’ll head to the book to the mobile”.  Or even–“Let’s watch some T to the V”.

So, in my head this quilt has been the “Churn to the Dash” quilt every time I think about it. =p

Churn dash

This is the completed quilt using the churn dash blocks I shared in September for the Be Purposeful Quilting Bee.  Toni was the quilter for the month of September so she chose the quilt design/fabrics as well as piecing and quilting the quilt top.  She did a beautiful job!

Churndash Quilt Closeup

Toni wrote up an excellent tutorial for the blocks on her blog for making this “skinnier” style churndash block.

Churndash Quilts

The blocks are such a fun mix of both large and small churn dash blocks and colors are a great mix.  It’s always interesting to see how these quilts come together since we are each working from our own stash of fabrics!

Thanks so much Toni and the ladies of Be Purposeful!

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  • I love this version of the Churn Dash block it looks great with the sizing mixed up…..I have a pile of fabric already to cut tomoro for your Stems free pattern….Thankyou!

  • The quilt is adorable and I love your color choices 🙂

  • I love the different size Churn Dash you have made. Stunning!

  • I love churn dash <3

  • Fan ‘to the’ tastic! This turned out beautifully.love having my blocks in there

  • I love this quilt. Churn dash quilts are one of my favorites and yours is fabulous. Beautiful fabric and colors. It’s awesome.

  • turned out nice. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  • Love your Churn to the Dash. Your post made me laugh and remember when my girls were little. One of them explained to me one day the reason why she couldn’t put a coat on was because she would get all “hotted up”. We tease her to this day and that was about 13 years ago.

  • Lovely Churn to the Dash quilt. Those fabrics are fab together! Great job Corey, Toni and Be to the Purposeful bee!

  • Churn Dash is one of my favorite traditional blocks and one of the first ones I learned. Love this refreshing interpretation of the block. Thanks for sharing!

  • What a lovely quilt. It’s a happy quilt.

  • Love your quilt and the post about it’s name! “too” (the) “funny”!

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