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A Change of Pace


This week has been a fun week for us so far.  Our schools were supposed to be back in session on the 2nd but due to weather today is the first whole day that the kids are back.  It was great having such a long break after Christmas–I’m sure many of you moms can relate!  The Christmas gifts my girls received kept them busy–I don’t know how many hours Chloe spent with her Rainbow Loom.  And I have to admit to having just as much fun with it as she does.

Hand Quilting

I was able to spend some time hand quilting.  Who wants to be out in negative temperatures?  It was the perfect time to hunker down with some quilts, some old shows, and some hand quilting.  BTW, any favorite series I should catch up on?–I still have quite a bit of hand quilting to do and am always looking for fun series.


Yesterday, Chloe had a half day of school so after dropping her off, Elonie and I headed up to one of my LQS’s and picked up some embroidery floss.  I have a fun project in mind for the floss, if all goes well I’ll be sharing it with you on my blog as a BOM of sorts.


I also was so inspired by some quilts blocks that I saw on instagram that I was “forced” to make another quick trip to pick up the pattern from another LQS(I’ve got a lot of them close to me)–can’t beat growing up in an Amish town–you will never want for a quilt shop! =p

I think I might turn these fabrics/pattern into a quilt for our bed.  Right now we have a Pottery Barn quilt on our bed.  For some reason, I’ve gotten a bit of flack about that in the past.  Surely I’m not the only quilt maker with a PB quilt on their bed? =p

The giveaway for the Liberty Fabrics is still going strong–If you haven’t entered yet there’s still time!

Have a creative Thursday!


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  • Good morning. Your pile of fabric and floss looks very appealing. I’m looking forward to seeing what you tempt us with. I remember your little birdie stitches from when I first started following you : )

  • Are you a Downtown Abby fan? That’s a great series! Back seasons are available free, if you have Amazon Prime. My daughter gave me the dvd box set of the first three seasons and my husband is enjoying them for the first time as I listen & do my hand stitching!

    Another great series is Call The Midwife, it’s currently available on Netflix.

    Very pretty fabric and so many colors of floss! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for them!

  • I’m with Carla – can’t wait to see what you’re going to tempt us with! “Birdie Stitches” was what led me to you way back when …. 😉

    And okay. I’ll ‘fess up. I too have a store-bought quilt on my bed. It’s not from PB but it might as well be. The good news is we’ve been through two rounds of pups in the last 2 years and they’ve done quite a number on that store-bought quilt. It’s full of holes and rips and such, and I’d much rather them tear up that quilt than one I’ve poured my heart, soul and too much time into making.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it ….

  • Yes you are the only woman in the world who quilts and has a store bought quilt on her bed….unlike me……who has a lovely quilt made by myself on her bed, without the binding on it! And it has been this way for over 6 months! So that is the other side of the coin. LOL!

  • Nothing can be better than a BOM with hand quilting. So excited.

  • Yay! Can’t wait to see your version of Starlit Evening!

  • I learned about the Rainbow Loom this Christmas from my nieces. Definitely addicting. I love embroidery, so I’m looking forward to your “BOM of sorts”. Lastly, both of my girls have Pottery Barn quilts!

  • Beautiful fabrics and threads!! Would you please tell me what kind of batting you prefer for handquilting? And what kind of threads?
    You have probably talked about it at length, but I missed it.

    And of course, I too, have a store-bought spread on my KING sized bed! :o)


  • Lol…I make quilts and I have a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic quilt on my bed. I love that old faded quilt and I believe it inspired me to quilt in the first place.

  • All those thread colors make me drool! LOL Can’t wait to see what you are up to! Have a happy day!

  • For about seven years we had a quilt from Walmart on our bed. I finally made one for us last winter.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing progress on your project. I too have a PB quilt on my bed, and like Peg, the main reason is because of my pooch. 🙂

  • No way am I going to piece and quilt a king sized quilt, so I, too, have a PB quilt on my bed. And pb shams, duvet cover, and bed skirt. Just call me lazy!

  • Can’t wait to see that quilt:):) Have you ever watched The Great British Sewing Bee? I really enjoyed their first season..don’t think they have done a second one as of yet..you can find it on Youtube…If nothing else..the british accents are so fun!!!

  • I wish I could say I have a PB quilt on my bed. I have a “down alternative” comforter from COSTCO enclosed in a duvet cover from Home Goods. I do have to say it is very warm and cozy. I don’t have the energy or the inclination to push a Queen size quilt through my machine.
    I treated myself to a Kindle Fire for my birthday with Amazon Prime. We don’t have cable, so I am watching lots of shows that are new to me while I cut and iron my fabric.

  • I have a Cabela’s comforter on my bed with deer on it. Not my first choice but he said it stays till I make a king quilt. I’m still afraid of quilting that size on my little Janome so I guess it can stay for now. My son, who has several of my homemade quilts, has a PB quilt on his bed… no excuses for that one because he’s only 4 years old.
    I can’t wait for another embroidery quilt-along by you!! Loved the Birdie stitches…

  • Fun, love the rainbow colored threads.

  • Beautiful threads.Can´t wait to see your quilt,have fun.!!
    I hanquilting all my projects.

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