Gray Square Scramble Quilt

Square Scramble Quilt

I have been trying for about 2 weeks to get a beautiful outdoor picture of my Gray Square Scramble quilt.  It has been traveling along with me, along with my camera everywhere I go in the hopes that I’ll find a perfect spot to take a picture of this quilt to share with you.

The below zero temps, piles of snow everywhere, or way too bright sunlight have deterred me every time I was out and about.  Add that to the fact that we have all been under the weather and stuck inside.

Today, I have admitted defeat & have snapped some inside pictures to share with you. =)

Square Scramble

This is my Gray Square Scramble Quilt (54″ x 72″)–the pattern can be found in the Spring 2014 issue of Easy Quilts.


 The solids are all from RJR’s Cotton Supreme line of solids.


The quilting is done by the oh so talented Natalia Bonner–she rocked it as usual!

I did snag a picture from Fons & Porter’s website to share with you so as to not leave you hanging, wishing for a full picture of the quilt!

Photo Courtesy of Fons & Porter Magazine, All Rights Reserved
Photo Courtesy of Fons & Porter Magazine, All Rights Reserved

The magazine is available to purchase now if you’d like to make one of your own!

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  • What a wonderful quilt! I love the colours and the lines. The quilt has a simplicity to it without being simple, if you know what I mean. And as you point out, the quilting is great, too.

  • Very COOL. love this

  • That is lovely and bright!

  • I just finished a gray quilt for our annual church bazaar. I know that purple is the color of the year, but the fabrics just spoke to me. Love the colors and the simmpliicity of your quilt.

  • Love the colour choice and the design! 🙂 Gorgeous.

  • Es Muy bonita, límpia, me gusta.



  • Oh how beautiful! And I love the quilting.

  • That is really cute!! Bright and cheerful. Great job.

  • Love the solids! Very stunning & fun!

  • I think your pictures turned out great! It’s an awesome quilt! I think the pattern would be so cute made up as a baby quilt!

  • Maravilhosa, parabéns!!

  • I love it! I saw this magazine on the newsstand just the other day and didn’t even give it a second glance. Now I have to go back and get it, stat! Such a fun design. 🙂

  • Your quilt is wonderful.

  • I love the detail of the diamond quilting in the smaller squares. It gives such a subtle movement.

  • Ah ha – I just read this on the plane yesterday 😉 Your link to Natalia doesn’t seem to be working (for me at least). I can’t wait to be as good as her!! x

  • It’s a lovely quilt, and I did buy the magazine. I will definitely be making this one (and perhaps a few of the others in this issue). I think I need to get some solids! 🙂

  • How great to be published! Love the gray in the quilt and surrounding color! The quilting is pretty wonderful too!

  • Such a beautiful quilt!

  • Love this!!!! 🙂

  • Another beauty, Corey!

  • so lovely. great colours and great movement

  • Love it! Got the magazine and will be making it for a friend! Thanks!!

  • It is very nice! That grey is the perfect compliment to the color and white. Beautiful quilting as well.

  • Wow!! A beautifully quilted and cheery quilt. Love the gray!!

  • Really fabulous. I love the simplicity of it.

  • I love how the quilting of it makes it look like the squares are slightly wonky. It’s tricking my eyes, they’re trying extra hard to focus on it!

  • I love this. Can anyone help me get the instructions?

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