Quilty stitches

Quilty Stitches Block 9

Quilt Stitches Block #9

I spent this morning stitching so that I could post 2 Quilty Stitches blocks this weekend(the one after this will be up on Monday) for you all. =)  I know some of you may have some weekend outings or camping trips or even just some down time & some extra stitching time might be in order.

I thought our little sampler needed a pinwheel block–I don’t know any quilter who can say that they have never made a pinwheel quilt block.  It’s pretty much a staple block in a quilter’s quilt block repertoire.

Pinwheel Block

Quilty Stitches Block 9 PDF

For my Pinwheel Block, I used:

Sullivan’s 45076 (coral)

Sullivan’s 45105 (green)

DMC 964 (aqua)

Sullivan’s 45169 (peach)

And here’s how we’re looking so far!–that cute little petal block will be up Monday.

Quilty Stitches

Hope all of you enjoy your 3 day Memorial Day weekend if you are lucky enough to have one!–and that you get a lot of great stitching and sewing or gardening and spending time with family(if you are like me). =)

Bonnie & Camille Fabric Swap Update

Wow!–I was excited about all the interest in this swap. =)  I’ll definitely go ahead with it–and I plan to get all of the swap details and signups posted next week so keep an eye out for it if you were interested in joining in.  It looks like it will fill up quickly(a 2nd round may be in order).

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  • So cute – I’ll need to do some x-stitch again! Looking forward to the Bonnie and Camille fabric exchange! I think you’re going to be very busy! Have a nice long weekend and I’ll think of you while I sew!

  • You’re awesome! Thank you!

  • Merci des belle grilles bon week-end Marie-Claire

  • This is growing into something really beautiful, and unusual. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend xx

  • I’m really loving the quilty stitches, thank you for sharing and for being so creative

  • This is so great–thank you for the patterns…it has me doing cross stitch again after many years!! Afterall, my Lori Holt barn quilt NEEDS a sidekick!!

    You are awesome!!

  • Love the April Showers line of Bonnie & Camille’s!!!!!!!!

  • Woohoo! I know what I’m going to spend my weekend doing now!! xx

  • Thank you!

  • Very cute!

  • Rosemary B here:
    Oh my goodness, Corey this is so adorbs.

    I have been so busy with the ‘rents but I never miss your posts.I love this one. One day when I am forced to be still (break my leg, hip surgery, etc) I will be making these. — that and I promised my hubbs I would clean up my computer and desk top and the tens of thousands of files lol
    Love you and happy Week-end

  • Another beautiful ‘block’ – thank you so much for sharing with us all.

  • I can’t find block 8, can you direct me where to find it.

  • I just came upon this and cannot find block 10. Did block 11 get misnamed?

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