Posies Quilt Block Tutorial

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11 Responses

  1. Kristy Wilkinson says:

    I love your flower block. I have been following the Moda Bake Shop sew along and I am still on row 1! Life is full. I do have them all cut out to finish row 1. 3 are done and I love them. Looking forward to making your block. It is inspiring me to try and sew more so I can get to it! Thanks for the cross stitch patterns too. I love them all. K-

  2. marcella says:

    I did see your block pattern and I think it’s adorable. Now you’ve got me tempted to try it tiny too! Love your shirts and new business cards. Wish I was so creative!

  3. Karin Vail says:

    your block row is my favorite so far! Cute cute!

  4. Rosemary B says:

    I love your T-Shirt. It is prettier than anything I have seen, Corey!
    I have looked at all of the blocks on the Moda Trifle dish.
    Well, my time is limited these days taking care of the my (my 91 year old parents) so I can only do what I really want to.
    This block, I love. I love this block.
    I want to make some for my mom. — and me
    Thank you for making this block!

  5. Nancy Helpinstill says:

    Your new business card would make a fabulous t-shirt!

  6. Sandy Spence says:

    Love your designs! Now if I could only find time to sew them 🙂 Need a staycation to catch up!

  7. Merrilee says:

    That is ridiculously cute! I love it! I saw the sew-along but not enough hours in the day….though it’s bookmarked for some time when it is! But might have to adapt some posies to a placemat- that’s about all I’ve got time for!! lol

  8. Karee says:

    So cute! The minis would be a darling pillowslip edge to match the quilt! Will be showing this one to the granddaughters!

  9. Marie-Claire says:

    Bravo les blocs sont supeeeeeeeeeeeer Marie-Claire

  10. Those blocks are ridiculously cute! And I SO want one of those t-shirts. Where did you get your cards made?

  11. I made your 35 x 41 inch version today! I put a link on my blog to yours, so people can get your tutorial. I hope that is ok. Your tutorial was easy to follow and I think the flimsy is adorable!