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Friday Freebie {Weekly Goal Checklist}

Cleaning Routine

Happy Friday everyone!  Sad, as I am about summer coming to an end and the kidders heading back to school (Elonie starts Kindergarten this year!), I know that it’s a good time for me to get back into a regular routine.  It is very easy for me to get off task if I don’t have a list of things I know I need to get done.

Last year, I ran across this cleaning printable which works very well for helping me complete what I need to each week.  As I have been working on sewing goals as well as other goals, I decided I wanted a printable that combined everything into one tidy place.


I came up with this cute little printable–goodness knows a cleaning checklist needs to be cute! =)  It combines all of my weekly cleaning goals, space for my sewing goals, reading goals, misc. goals, and a don’t forget to pick-up section(for grocery items, not kids 😉

Quilty Printable

I thought some of you might enjoy a cute printable checklist of your own, so here it is in PDF for you to print off yourself if you’d like:

Weekly Goals Printable PDF


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  • Adorable and really useful!

  • Great idea, thanks for sharing! I think I’ll try laminating one so I can just use a marker & not have to print out a new one every week.

  • My hat’s off to you if you really accomplish that in a week!

  • I asked these questions on FB, but maybe others here will want to know. What program did you create this with? I LOVE the look of this form! My current one needs some cuteness! 🙂 Also, what do the hearts after some of the items mean? Thanks for sharing! This is a great jumping off point.

  • just perfect….thanks Corey…..pretty and uncluttered……that surely will get me motivated now! xox

  • I have the exact same planner. Love it!

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