Happy Monday!

Fall Fabrics

We are kicking off another week over here at the Yoder’s.  After last week, I am happy to move into this week.  We had a few fun things last week, hubby’s 40th birthday & our 17th wedding anniversary.  But some not so goods as well, most of which happened on Friday–our fridge quit working, our water heater quit working, and our garage door opener quit working….Friday was a little bit pricey! =p  There was some other drama thrown in there last week for good measure as well.

So needless to say, I am happy to move onto another week–and very thankful for friends(and moms) who will listen!

This morning, while I was waiting for the refrigerator repair guy to show up(btw, totally thankful that he has shown up already and I don’t have to wait here for him all day!–love when they show up at the beginning of the “window” rather than the end!), I had some time to play with some fabrics and pulled some fallish purples/mustards/browns.  I always forget how much I enjoy pulling fabrics–and sharing them with you all.  It’s always very intriguing to me the fabrics others choose to pair together.

I also took a little bit of time yesterday to work on a patchwork Christmas cheater print.

Christmas Cheater for Blog

I thought it might be fun to have something cute to make some festive Christmas items–and I wanted something I could add some hand stitching to.  So, I designed this print yesterday afternoon and sent it off to Spoonflower to have it printed.  I’m excited to see how it turns out–it’ll arrive in a couple weeks.  Chloe also played around and designed a fabric on Saturday–so I ordered a Fat Quarter of that as well–she’s excited to see how it turns out. =)

So, that’s what’s going on here–hope your week is off to a great start! =)

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  • Oh dear – so sorry to hear that Murphy’s law took over on Friday! What a trying day for all of you.

    Love the “panel” you put together! If you like how it turns out will you make it available for others to purchase? 😀

    Here’s to a fantastic week for you & yours!

    • Thanks Peg!–I do believe I will make it available if I like how the end result. =)

  • Just wanted to say hello and ask where you live. My maiden name is Yoder and I’m from northern Indiana.

    • We are in Ohio–although we do have relatives in Indiana. =)

  • Thanks for sharing your woes with us. There is comfort in knowing that others have days like that and that it’s part of being human, I guess. I hope those issues are resolved for you at this point. Believe it or not, I am sitting her waiting for the exterminator who was just here 5 weeks ago (hope I don’t have to pay again), and I need to contact the plumber who has been out twice to determine the source of a slow leak because it is not fixed. Unfortunately, I am already $500 deep into this project and have had the wall redone once. It is soggy once again. 🙁

    I love your patchwork print! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. And please show us Chloe’s fabric when it arrives!

    • Oh boy!–Hopefully all is resolved soon(and somewhat inexpensively!). I will be happy to share Chloe’s fabric when it arrives–I’m sure she’d love if I share it as well–she’s pretty happy with her accomplishment.

  • Great Christmas design!

    Patricia C

  • They say that trouble comes in threes!

    Love your fall bundle and Christmas cheater fabric.

  • What is that dandelion fabric called? I love it!

    • That fabric is by Lotta Jansdotter from the Echo line of fabric.

  • YES!, Will it be made available to purchase? I am not “artsy”, which is why I like quilting and sewing, it is math!

    Just last night, my dishwasher gave me an F2 error. Had to get online and find out what that was all about. Appliances!!!

    • Appliances can be a bit snaggy can’t they! =) If I am happy with the fabric when I receive it, I plan to make it available. =)

  • I also would LOVE to see what Chloe came up with!! Fun to see her catch the bug. 🙂

  • mmmm love your purple and mustard pull

  • Lovely colour combo – look forward to seeing what you make with it. The new fabric is great, too. Here’s hoping this week is less expensive! Hugs x

  • Love that cute Christmas fabric – please let us know when it’ll be out! Your week has got to get better!

    • It just shipped out today–so I should have it soon! =)

  • Hi, I saw your mention of Instagram in a previous post, so I went to add you but I accidentally typed IMSHABBY instead of LMSHABBY. Ooops…that was a bit of a surprise LOL!! xx debbie

    • Ha Debbie!–I had to go check out where that would have taken you…quite a bit different than LMS! =)

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