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Friendship Circle on Point

Today is my stop on the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog tour.  Things have been hectic over here with quilt market preparations so it’s nice to pop onto the computer for a minute to share with you all before all of those last minute details take over.


I always enjoy contributing to 100 blocks and this issue has some great blocks.  If you already have the issue, isn’t block #1020 just the cutest little block ever!–It’s on page 20. Check it out if you haven’t already!


My block is the last one in the magazine–block #1100, Friendship Circle.

Friendship Circle

It’s done in a variety of sherbert-y colors–some solids and some C&S basics.

One of my favorite parts about designing blocks for this magazine is playing with layouts in EQ.  I really like this block set on point in a mix of scrappy bright solids with Essex linen:

Linen Brights

It also works really well in a horizontal layout:

Linen Brights Horizontal

If you haven’t had a chance to peek at a copy yet–make sure you do!

For a chance to win a copy here on my blog, leave a comment below.   I’ll draw a winner Monday.  ~Comments are now Closed~

You can pop over to the Quilty Pleasures blog for other giveaways and to see the other featured bloggers for today.

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  • What a great block! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Simple and beautiful.

  • I love the simplicity and clean look of this quilt.

  • I like your block the friendship star was the block that was used in the first block swap I joined I have yet to do anything with the blocks but I like the pattern and your arrangement is very pretty
    Thank you for the chance to be a winner

  • Saved the best for last. Love the friendship block and the inspiration the quilt gives me. Thank you for sharing in this giveaway.

  • I like the Friendship Circle Quilt Block because of the varied arrangements one can do with the blocks.

  • Love the block and may have to give it a try! It makes a neat quilt too!

  • Lovely block!

  • Hi Corey. I love your block.

  • I love stars. Very nice.

  • Love your block. The magazines are always great. Thanks for the chance to win

  • I love the little stars, Thanks for the chance to win

  • Lovely block. I’ll have to give it a go. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Love the pattern and the chance to win.

  • It looks great with a white background. I bet this would also look lovely done in bright solids on a dark grey background.

  • I love your block! I’m very drawn to the on point setting. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • I love your block because it is so happy scrappy and still very organised,lol!

  • cute little block, love the way it looks on point grouped

  • i love this cute little block! Thanks for sharing!

  • This block is adorable, I don’t know how you have time for everything. Best of luck at quilt market.

  • Love your block!

  • Such a pretty block. The colors you chose are beautiful

  • I really like your friendship block. It looks so sweet and pretty.

  • How small are the friendship stars? Are they difficult to piece in that size?

  • Love this Block! Thank you for sharing the different layouts. This block really reminds me of enjoying an ice cream cone on a sunny summer day :)!

  • That’s for the give away, like the block on point! I might just have to make this one.

  • Love what you did with the friendship stars in you block! So fun!

  • i love the colors in this. I also love that you showed us the block on point.

  • Friendship star blocks are my favorite! Love your arrangement of them. Congratulations on getting the block in the magazine!

  • I love your friendship block! Starrific – is that a word???

  • Congrats on your sweet block and thanks for the giveaway!

  • Darling block! I love the on point setting!

  • Your friendship block is beautiful! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Your block is my favorite, it’s wonderful.

  • What a fun block! I love seeing it in the different layouts. Thanks!

  • The colors in your block remind me of the Quilty Stitches Sampler Along! 🙂

  • I absolutely love your block.

  • Sweet colors in your block! I love stars and patterns that make circles.

    • i love the friendship star and it is really cute done this way. The colors are great

  • What can I say? Such a fan of your sense of style.

  • Such a sweet and energetic block with the movement of many ‘friends’. Just like it is in life. The circles of friends moves brightly!!

  • Love it! Sweet & simple!

  • Love your block!

  • what a cute block. The colors are so cheery

  • I love miniature and I love this friendship block. Thank you for sharing your setting

  • Love the colors you used for you block.

  • Im fairly new to quilting and always looking for new blocks to try. This one looks fun and not too hard. I may use this one to get my daughters invloved in quilting. Thank you!

  • Love stars…love friends..PERFECT COMBINATION! I this block is next on my list to try!!!

  • So simple and pretty!

  • So cute! I might have to add this one to my to do list.

  • I love friendship blocks and I love the pastels you used. Would love to win. {fingers crossed}…

  • I love your block! It reminds me of a mini quilt.

  • Love it. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway.

  • Your block design would be perfect for a signature quilt for a family reunion or quilt guild group project. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

  • Love this block. I would use it to utilize all my millions of scraps! Really cute. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • At first it was “ok” but seeing them in settings is WOW I do like!

  • I agree with Julie. This would be a perfect signature quilt.

  • Always look forward to your posts! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  • The friendship star is one of my favorites. Your block is adorable!

  • Thanks for the chance to win. I love the block. Nice to be able to see it in different setting.

  • Love the block, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Beautiful block and colors.

  • Beautiful block and I love the soft pastel colors, perfect for summer.
    It would also be nice for a signature block.


  • Looks great! Would make a perfect quilt for Sunday picnics in the park!

  • I love your block and the layouts really help me see it’s potential. I’d love to win. Thanks! Have fun at QM.
    Blessings, Beth

  • Love your block!

  • Love this block! It was the first one I really learned!

  • Cute take on an old block! Are those HSTs paper pieced?

  • I always love when the new volumes hit the stands. Such inspiration on every page I get giddy just thinking about it! 😉

  • I think this has to be my favorite block, so light and airy!

  • Wow! So many pieces, but oh, so cute! Just one block would make a neat little wallhanging. They saved the best for last!

  • I really like the friendship star and I love the way you have used it in your block.

  • I love your friendship block, the colors are so Spring-ee looking and it pops with the white. It looks really easy to make. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Love the simplicity of the block and the bright colors. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • What a fun block..love the pretty colors you chose!!

  • I love it on point!!!

  • Yummy colors! Really lovely.

  • Your block is great and I love the colors with the white background. I have not seen this issue of 100 Blocks but always enjoy this magazine.

  • I love your block! Congratulations on having your block in the magazine!

  • Pretty block.

  • Love your block and it looks so cool made up into a quilt. Thank you for a chance to win.

  • I would love to win, thank you !

  • What a cute and fun block! So glad it’s in the magazine.

  • I really like your block on point!

  • Loved your block the minute I saw it. Thanks


  • Simple but elegant and versatile!

  • Very pretty block! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Love your block! I made a friendship star quilt out of flannels for my son. I like the idea of a circle of stars around a center star – it’s much like our circles of friends in our lives.

  • I like the on point version! and only 13 blocks!

  • Great scrap buster!!!!

  • Love your block, love your blog, will love the book/magazine.

  • You may be last in the magazine; but, you are not least. I love stars and this is a perfect little block. 🙂

  • Love the friendship block!

  • What a delightful pattern, so delicate. I agree with Lee Ann when she says ‘last but not least. Congratulations.

  • Thanks for showing us your block. Love it!

  • I love all of your little miss shabby quilt patterns! Every time I see a new one, I feel the need to buy it!

  • Love the clean, fun look.

  • Love your star block! Very cute!

  • Love your block! Thanks for sharing a copy of 100 Blocks.

  • So the saying goes – the best is the last one. Just love your block and the layouts sure do help. It’s like seeing what you get before you make this block for yourself. Thank you for being a part of the QM’s 100 Blocks, Volume 11, Blog Tour and giving us the chance to win a copy of that awesome and priceless magazine.

    Sandi Timmons

  • What a sweet little block! I love your choice of colors also.

  • I love star quilts and this block is so happy and fun.

  • I love your block especially set on point!

  • Lovely friendship stars! Makes for a sweet block. Thanks for joining in on the tour 🙂

  • Such a bright and twinkly block. I feel it would work great with several different backgrounds, midnight blue with all those stars or black with pastels, or even Christmas colors. I’ll have to give this a go… Thanks for the give away.

  • You have taken this block to a whole new level! You made it so much nicer by making it smaller pieces and very scrappy. Love it! Setting it on point even adds to the “newness of it!

  • Love this little friendship star.
    Wonderful blog tour and thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love itsy bitsy teeny tiny pieces! This block is really fun.

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this issue; so much inspiration. And this one is a definite must make!

  • Love your Friendship Circle block!

  • Very cute – I love small blocks making up larger blocks. Thanks!

  • I really like your Friendship Circle block. Elegant in its simplicity. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Such a happy, energetic vibe. Love it

  • I really like the way this block is both vibrant and delicate at the same time.

  • Another great block to make! It’s fun either as a mini or grouped together to make a large quilt!

  • I like your block, a bunch of them would make a great scrappy quilt!

  • Oh, I really like this pattern. Hmm, now what fabric shall I use?

  • Fun block–I like seeing the setting possibilities!

  • Your block is really appealing — I can visualize it in bright colors
    in a quilt I would make.

  • What a colorful block and just a delight! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Such a great block – would make a fun quilt.

  • Cute block and thanks for the chance to win.

  • Love this block! And I love the blocks set on point with the Essex Linen. I think I’ll try the blocks set on point but with a bright yellow background. Thanks!

  • I love that block I can see so many uses for it

  • I just finished a quilt that had this star in it. Love your block with the multiple stars in it. Reminds me of the night sky.

  • Love the colors and the different layouts!

  • Your block is so darling! The friendship star is one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  • Love your block of friends….smile.

  • Cute block – like a quilt in a quilt!

  • I like your variation of the friendship star. It will make a beautiful quilt.

  • Love your version of the friendship star block:-)

  • Sure am loving how solid colors are so striking in a quilt. I used to think you had to use patterned fabric with a few solids to coordinate.

  • so cute-I can see this block for a darling baby quilt I need to make! thanks for your creativity and thanks for a chance to win this amazing issue!

  • Really love this quilt design. Looks easy and quick to make – which is right up my ally !

  • I love your block, especially the on point setting.

    I also think it would be cute in a huge size quilt; either one huge block or a few huge blocks…love it!

  • Fantastic spinning friendship block! The sherbert colors really make it zing fir summer! Congratulations on another beauty! Hugs, Karen

  • What a great way to use smaller scraps. One could easily make and collect the little half triangle blocks over time and end up with one (or more) blocks, each being a memento of bigger projects.

  • Very pretty quilt. I always like a star block.

  • Your block is certainly beautiful. You are talented! Thanks!

  • The blocks in the on point layout are so pretty together!

  • Love the block!

  • Thanks for the chance to win, the little stars look great !!

  • Hi! I just found you and I love your blog. I LOVE this friendship star quilt. It’s simple and fun and timeless. I need to get the magazine now! Have lots of fun and success at Quilt Market.

  • The friendship star is one of my favorites. I like your sherbet color versions.

  • I love the block & the on point layout is perfect! Thanks for a chance to win a copy!

  • I really really like this block. (And I’m thrilled to be on the same magazine page with you!)

  • I think this is my favorite block that I have seen from the blog hop.

  • Oh you just can’t beat a constellation of little stars! Whee! Congrats! And I can’t wait to see your new fabric line!

  • I love this! And I have some teeny tiny HST scraps that need a pattern! ThinkI’ll use this one! Thanks

  • Your work is beautiful and I would love a copy of 100 blocks. thanks for the chance

  • Love starry blocks of all kinds. Thanks

  • Love stars. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Those tiny HST would be perfect to use some of my smaller scraps. Love the block.

  • Cute block! I’d love to get that magazine!

  • Friendship star is one of my favorites. I like your block and would to get a copy of the issue! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Looks like a great resource.

  • your block is one of my favorites. it a fantastic looking quilt.

  • Last but not least! I really like this block.

  • congrats. your block is so fun and versatile. this would be fun for the back ground on a baby quilt.

  • Really like the on point setting! Thanks for the chance.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win this great looking book – I love stars and these instructions will help me make a great quilt 🙂

  • Cute block. Congratulations on getting it in the magazine.

  • Love your block design. It also would make a great mini-quilt on it’s own. Congrats!

  • This block alone would make a cute mini quilt!

  • Love your block!

  • Great block. The friendship star is one of my favorites. Thanks.

  • Love Friendship stars,,,,big or small…I enjoyed how you put them on point and the pastel colors…great for a spring/summer day….

  • I’d love a chance, thanks. Nice block, and nice way to make it into a quilt top.

  • Such a cute block!! I love the name also!

  • Love your block!

  • Cool block!

  • Just simple and gorgeous as always. Congrats. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy. Just love the block and the colors.

  • Very cute block. I really like it on point.

  • like the on point set , thank you …marta

  • This is such a cute block – definitely on my to-do list!

  • Love your sweet Friendship Circle :o) Thanks so much for hosting an opportunity to win a copy of the Volume 11 issue! ps. Hope you have a great time at Quilt Market!

  • Your Friendship stars are so fresh and pretty in those colours !

  • So pretty! I don’t know which orientation I like better!

  • Your block is just delightful, and I love it all put together with many blocks.

  • Sometimes they save the best for last. I love the horizontal layout. I can see this block with all my scraps. What a great scrap project.

  • Fun block, lots of ways to use it!

  • Beautiful block!

  • Love your block! And love it set on point!

  • Love your block! Well done.

  • I really really love your block! Love the white background with the pretty little colors!

  • Love your block, it is so fresh and bright.

  • This is adorable!!! I love the colors!

  • I love it set on point! Great for scraps – thanks for the chance to win this great book/magazine.

  • it’s all so inspiring!

  • What a lovely block!

  • I love your take on the friendship star. It is one of my favorites. I especially like the on point setting.

  • Cute an colorful!

  • Congratulations in being included in the newest issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. I always look forward to seeing the wonderful designs.

  • I love friendship stars but that looks like too many little pieces to me. Love the sherbet colors though.

  • Awesome block! I love the clean lines and stars are my favorite.

  • Super cute block! Love friendship stars. Thanks!

  • When I saw the block I liked it and thought it was colorful but when I say the layouts I loved it. Nice work, congratulations on being selected.

  • Great block – Love all the colors! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  • What a fun block. Love the colors.

  • Your block would also look great with brights on a black background. Love it.

  • A simple idea but very effective! thks.

  • Lovely block. I dread to think what size mine would end up though – all those seams!

  • Great use of a classic block.

  • Thanks for the different design layouts-it helps to see the blocks as they would be in a quilt. Many of us cannot envision them without help!

  • Great block I love the layout of the stars on the block and so pretty in the colors you have chosen.

  • The beauty of the block is how so many colors are incorporated. I’d love to be your winner.

  • It’s crowded already, lol. Love the colors you used for your block!

  • Those look like pretty small friendship stars! Very cute!

  • Thanks for the chance!

  • Great Block. I am SO excited.

  • I like your block, especially we set on point.

  • Wonderful block, beautiful colors and lovely quilts!

  • I love your block. I like the version of it on point with the linen background, too.

  • The friendship block will make a great baby quilt

  • Fabulous block – I love the colours you used!

  • Great block. Think I like it set on point the best

  • Great block, it would be wonderful in many different styles/colors!

  • I love the block, and the “sherbet-y” colors!

  • Friendship stars are one of my favorite motifs.

  • Beautiful design!

  • Great block! Sew pretty.

  • great block!

  • Thank you for showing the different lay outs for your block. I like the colors that you used and how versatile the block is for many different projects 🙂

  • Love the horizontal layout. Great block–congratulations.

  • Would love to have this magazine, it’s not available at lots of stores so I haven’t gotten it yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I like the idea of doing your block with a scrappy look.

  • Clean, crisp design with interesting center block set separately. Beautiful!

  • Love the variations and bright summer colors!

  • I would love to get a copy of this friendship block. It’s beautiful with so many great possibilies. I think on point is great!
    Thank you for the work you do, it is greatly appreciated.

  • What a neat block! I especially like the block when it’s placed on the diagonal. Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  • Love this block, especially set on point! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Great block- a must make one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • What a great way to use a bunch of itty bitty friendship star blocks.

  • That block is so fun! LOVE IT!! I think I prefer it on point too! Good luck at market have and Happy Mother’s day!

  • I agree, they remind me of sherbet!

  • Looks like a fairly easy block, which is a GOOD thing!! 🙂 Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win the new 100 block magazine. I don’t have any quilt shops in my area, so usually end up having to go online to order one. It would be super to win one!!! Thanks again!!

  • What a cute block! Love the colors you used.

  • Love it. You have a great eye for color and design. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  • This is a goodblock. The multi colors really add something to it.

  • Your block makes a stunning quilt. Thanks for sharing it in the magazine!

  • your friendship block is so pretty! 🙂

  • Looks great. I reckon I could even do this, even though I’m a beginner. Rach C

  • Congratulations on being in the Quiltmaker magazine. Lovely friendship star block.

  • What a great use of the friendship star. Thanks for some new ideas.

  • What a great block!

  • Your sherbet colors are yummy beautiful!

  • Super cute block! Would love to win the book so I can make it and send you the finished quilt pic!

  • The sherbet colors are really fun. Thanks for sharing all the layout ideas. Gotta go now, and pick up my copy!

  • Your block is very cute. Your layout ideas are great too.

  • So pretty!! And I think doable, even for a novice like me? 🙂

  • I love it! So modern and would make a great quilt for any age!

  • Stunning quilt block. My favorite of all I’ve seen. kthurn@bektel.com

  • Very cute block!!

  • It’s a lovely block!

  • I love your block and all the different ways it can be used!

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