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Splendid Sampler-Block 13 Scrap Star

Scrap Star Block

Welcome to Block 13 of the Splendid Sampler.  And it’s early!–yay for more sewing time on the weekend. =)

When this happy little bundle of fabrics arrived on my doorstep courtesy of Moda Fabrics, I knew I wanted to make something scrappy.Sampler Fabrics

We all know those little teeny bits of fabric that drift to the bottom of your scrap basket are the best ones!  Those little bits you hang onto thinking that you’ll surely be able to use them in some project.  Well, folks, this is the block for those little bits.

Scrap Pieces

There are 8 teeny little prints making up the star points.  Such a cute little block!

You can find the block pattern for Scrap Star here.

And, if you are new to the Splendid Sampler, here are the details for the year long event.

Splendid Sampler Blocks

My 10 year old daughter, Chloe decided she wanted to follow along.  Here are her first two blocks–she decided she wanted to make her blocks out of Prairie fabrics.  She is a very careful seamstress and her first 2 blocks turned out beautifully.  It’s not too late to join in–you can find the first 12 blocks listed here as well as several bonus projects.

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Happy Sewing!

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  • Corey, thank you for the early release, your block is beautiful, Chloe perfect job on your blocks, you are very talented.

  • Thank you for the lovely block and congrats to your daughter, what a great quilter she is and only 10. She puts me to shame. Hooray for both of you.

  • Oh, so pretty! I love those prints and your color placement. Please tell Chloe for me that I am jealous of her beautiful piecing and applique. I might need some lessons from her on matching points and even-looking applique. Happy Easter!

  • Your daughter’s block is very impressive! That’s great that she is interested in sewing and how nice that she can learn from you! Thanks for sharing! Love this Splendid Sampler (year event) idea and look forward to seeing all the great blocks that everyone will be making!

  • Love your daughter’s blocks ~ they are so sweet. I was sewing at a young age (making my own clothes), wish I’d known about quilts then.
    Thank you for the lovely block ~ just printed out the instructions and I’ll be getting right to it!

  • Beautiful star block! And your daughter’s blocks – wow!! I was probably still hand sewing a few silk doll flowers and ribbons to my barbie doll hats at that time :)! She is amazing – good work!!

  • I absolutely love this little block…star blocks are my favorite blocks. I have lots of little scrap pieces I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them. This gorgeous little block is just the ticket! Thank you for sharing your creative flair!!!

  • Absolutely splendid as usual. Can’t wait to make this one. Hope mine looks as good as Chloe. Your daughters are so cute and talented. Good job both of you.

  • Love your block! Yes, those teeny pieces are just too darned cute to waste. Going digging in my scrap basket now! Thanks for the block pattern and sharing your daughter’s work with us. She’s going to be a true quilter. Love her choice of fabric.

  • Thank you Corey for this lovely block. Looking forward to making this???? Your daughter can see beautifully!

  • I started sewing when I was young because my mom did, I love it when daughters are eager to sew with their moms.
    I love this little star block, the corner framing is unique and my favorite part because of that.

  • I enjoyed making your block and I used different material on my corners and it looks beautiful. Thanks for the design.

  • good post

  • Chloe,
    What can I say except your blocks are gorgeous. You’ve a great eye for colour & texture; keep up the quilting & we will soon see your name in lights!

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