Monday Meanderings

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  1. doris st.clair says:

    Good morning Corey, I love mixing all your collections together and love how they work. Can’t wait to see what new project is. Getting alot of sewing done, we’ve been cold and rainy. I know not like Ohio but cold for us.

    • Corey says:

      We’ve missed you in class Doris! It warmed up a little bit this afternoon–I think I saw 33?–I’m sure you have it much better down there in Florida. =) Glad to hear you are getting a lot done–take care!

  2. Joanne H says:

    I like the lone star block and the fact that a scrappy mix of your fabrics was used, is perfect. That’s one of the things I like most about your lines – they all play well together! 🙂

    I too am in Ohio (Milan, up near the lake) and we are getting the same weather. Most of the schools are closed today and since I was scheduled to sub teach today, I’ve got a free day to sew. Yay! Over the past six months, I’ve been teaching a variety of classes in your area, and I’m very happy that I had not scheduled any for the past couple of weeks. The drive there would have been interesting, to say the least.

    Enjoy your sew day and stay safe and warm! 🙂

    • Corey says:

      You know I love mixing fabric lines!–one of my favorite things to do. You would not want to have been driving through our area today for sure–it was pretty messy this morning. Things are looking great now though–and finally warm enough to send the girls out to play–last week was frigid! I have been enjoying my snow (sew) day–I feel like I have gotten a lot accomplished on an upcoming deadline.

  3. julianna says:

    We’ve were snowbound for 3 days last week here in eastern NC with temps below 10 degrees at night, but today it’s getting up in the 50s and it’s finally melting, thank goodness. I’ve never heard of these virtual quilting bees. I guess it’s probably too late to get involved in one for 2018, but can you give me an idea of how to find a bee and get involved later?

    • Corey says:

      I saw you guys got some wintery weather last week!–I’m sure it feels great now that it is clearing out.

      When I first got involved with quilting bees, it was over on Flickr and it was a wonderful way to find bees. Now that not so many quilters use Flicker, you might try Instagram. Use #quiltingbee to see what comes up. I can’t guarantee that you’ll find anything but it’s a great place to start. They start up all through the year so just because it’s January doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance for this year. Another option is if you have a local quilt guild you attend–some of them have ongoing quilting bees—not sure if that’s an option for you or not, but worth checking out if it is!

  4. I love the lone star block! thanks for the link! Love your fabrics! The jelly rolls are yummy!

  5. dispack says:

    Gosh Corey! that is one beautiful stack of fabrics! I really do love your designs and colors! Thanks for the inspiration and links!

  6. Janan Doster says:

    I hope you made it back in from the snow!! I LOVE star quilts, all shapes of stars, but I know the Lonestar is my favorite! I can’t wait to see what you will create with that beautiful stack of fabrics that you cut into strips. I really love all your fabric collections, and the colors!! Gray is my alltime favorite for backgrounds, wall paint etc…….and those corals!! I really like all your fabrics! Did I already say that??
    I would love to hear about your choices..threads you prefer, favorite rulers, what inspires your designs, tips for sewing blocks, favorite scissors…and maybe share photos of your sewing room. Thanks for sharing the photos of your quilt ladders on Instagram, I showed them to my husabnd, and he made me a quilt ladder for my sewing room.

  7. Sharon says:

    Hi Corey! Love the line star block. I’m working on one and have reached the point of sewing the parts together. My fingers are crossed that it goes well.

    I have a quilt that I want to big stitch quilt. Any recommendations on a book or video for guidance? Thanks.

  8. I am in love with your fabric…be careful out there

  9. Karen Seitz says:

    Hi, Corey! I just discovered that I’m not getting email feeds from your blog, but I signed up again and hope that’s taken care of. I would have loved to do the BOM class with you this past year. Would you consider doing that as a quilt along on your blog for us? If so, please consider me your first sign up! I’m sure Julie would be in too. She is becoming quite the quilter and has finished two quilt tops already this year.

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