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Stitching with Lorelai Tutorial


Last week, I shared this little teaser over on Instagram and promised fun was to be had.  And now, the fun has arrived.  If you have anxiously been counting down the days for the new episodes of Gilmore Girls to arrive later this month, then you are in the right place.

Embroidery Fabric

A Fantastic Package

Rose Bag

Happy Friday Ya’ll!–I apologize for my slightly wrinkly picture!  I’ve been wanting to share this with you and I just couldn’t take the time to iron before snapping the pictures. =)  After running up to the school twice this morning before 9am–my time has gotten away from me.  How ironic is it that the girls and I left the house early this morning to pick up cans of food to drop off at the school for Share-A-Christmas only to realize that Chloe had forgotten her lunch at home. =p  So after running that back up to the school, my morning started a bit later than I had planned.

So, enough of that…let’s talk bloggy friends.  Do you remember this post where I was talking about some Winter stitching I would have loved to start–namely the Moda Tote given away at Fall Market.

There's no place like Moda

Well, not long after I shared that I would love to have one of those totes, Melissa of Happy Quilting contacted me to see if I might be interested in an extra tote that she had…say, what!  I was so excited to read that email!–We decided to do up a little swap for each other.  And I received this package of goodness last week:

Swap Package

Melissa totally rocked this swap package!  As I opened the package, I was thrilled with the tote and then I pulled out the book(It’s Modern Baby), then I delved a little bit further and there were the mini charms(and such good ones!), and then a charm pack.

Mini Charms

And the tote even included all of the Aurifil embroidery floss and needles to complete the stitching.  The one side of the bag has the roses stitchery and the other side says, “There’s no Place like Moda”.


It was such a wonderful swap package to receive and I love every bit of it!  If you want to see what I sent over to Melissa, you can read about her swap package in this post.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Quilty Stitches Block 5

Quilty Stitches

I am so excited about this week’s Quilty Stitches block!  It’s based off of Lori Holt’s super popular Barn Quilt Along she hosted last year.  If you have spent any time in blogland at all recently you have probably seen some of these super cute barn quilts popping up all over the place.  I did a quick screen shot after searching “Bee In My Bonnet Barn Along” on pinterest and look how many cute blocks/quilts popped up!  And these are just the ones that fit on my screen all at one time!

Barn Along Screen Shot

It’s such a great block!

The colors I used for my block are Sullivan’s 45121(Coral), DMC 351(Dark Grey), White and all of the following for the little squares:  Sullivans 45220, Sullivans 45338, DMC 743, Sullivans 45345, DMC 964, Sullivans 45169, DMC 958, DMC 744, Sullivans 45076, Sullivans 45422, Sullivans 45105, Sullivans 45193.

Quilty Stitches Block 5

Quilty Stitches Block 5 PDF Coloring Page

Barn Block

If you want to snag any of Lori’s Barn quilt block patterns, do so quickly!  You can still find them all on her website right now–all the posts are linked here.  But, I don’t think they are going to be available for very much longer at all–as I believe I heard a little rumor that they may be coming out in book format this fall… =)

Share your Quilty Stitches blocks over on flickr or via instagram using #quiltystitches.

Embroidery Quilty stitches

Quilty Stitches Block #2

Block 2

I am so excited to have so many of you following along with my Quilty Stitches Cross Stitch Sampler!–I’m glad all of you are just as excited as I am about doing a little winter stitching. =)

 Today, we are moving onto Block #2.  This quilt block is known by a few different names including: Odd Fellows Chain, Odd Fellow’s March, Old Maid’s Ramble, or San Diego.  It’s a pretty cool quilt block–especially when you see it in a quilt layout as it creates a pretty neat secondary pattern.

Odd Fellows Quilt

We will be stitching this block to the right of Block #1.


The colors I chose for my block were Sullivans 45076 (Lt. Coral), Sullivans 45293 (Aqua), Sullivans 45422 (Peach).  And here’s your handy coloring diagram. =)

Quilty Stitches Block 2

Quilty Stitches Block 2 PDF

I love seeing all of these cute little cross stitch blocks popping up over on Instagram!–Remember to use #quiltystitches when you upload over there. =)  And as always I love seeing them in my flickr group!

Happy Stitching!

Embroidery Quilty stitches

Quilty Stitches Sampler Along Block #1


I’m so excited to have so many of you stitches along with Quilty Stitches! =)  Today we are going to be kicking off with Block #1.  If you missed out on the intro. post or the thread colors post, you can find them here & here.

First off, below you’ll find the “Quilty Stitches” Layout in PDF format so you can easily print it out.  This includes the stitching diagram for all of the “borders/sashing”.  Each square denotes one stitch.  I am doing all of this in white thread.  If you want to go ahead and stitch all of this ahead of time you certainly could.  Then you could fill in the blank holes with the blocks as I introduce them.

Quilty Stitches Layout

 If we have any cross stitching newbies stitching along and you are unsure about how to cross stitch, first off it’s so easy!  Secondly, if you pop onto youtube and search for Cross Stitch you will find a lot of great info. about how to stitch.

We will be using a regular cross stitch as well as a 1/4 cross stitch for our blocks.

Our sampler is 116 stitches by 116 stitches.  If you are using 14 count aida cloth like I am your sampler will be just under 10″ square.  To find my starting point on my cloth, I folded my aida cloth vertically in half and finger pressed a small crease in the center and then did the same horizontally.  I measured over 5″ to the left and then up 5″ to find my starting point in the upper left corner.  You will also want to make sure to either fray check the edges of your aida cloth before starting.  If you don’t have any on hand you can run masking tape around all the edges of your aida cloth.

And now onto Block #1 the “Swoon” block:

Quilty Stitches Block #1

I’ve decided to offer the pattern for you in a “color your own” type of format.  I think it’s such a handy way to offer the pattern.  Each square denotes one cross stitch.  Any square that has a line diagonally through it would be comprised of (2) 1/4 stitches.  I am opting not to backstitch but you certainly could if you wanted to!

 Print out the pattern, color it in with your desired colors and you’re ready to stitch.  Not happy with your color choices?–print a 2nd and try again.  For my Swoon Block I used DMC 351(Coral) DMC 470(Green), DMC 964(Aqua).

Quilty Stitches Block 1

And here’s the pattern ready to print out in handy pdf format:

Quilty Stitches Block 1

If you are stitching along, you can grab my button from the sidebar on the right for your blog to help spread the word.  Also if you are an IG’er we’ll be using #quiltystitches to share our work.  If you are on flickr, I’d love if you’d share over in the LMS group.

If I’ve forgotten to mention something or if you have questions please let me know!

Can’t wait to see all of the Quilty Stitches samplers starting to pop up! =)