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Summer is flying by–it’s really about half way over in terms of when the girls head back to school.  Some days it feels like it’s zipping along and other days(those days that I feel like I am a referee all day long) go a bit slower.

I thought I should pop on and share a bit about how our summer is shaping up.  I am quite intentional with how my summer days are spent.  This means that I take on less projects so that I can spend more time with my girls while they are home.  I have gotten in some sewing time as well as some fabric buying time this summer though!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working with one of my LQS’s for an upcoming fall project.  This means I’ve been popping into the shop somewhat often this summer.   On one of my visits, I noticed some Fiesta Wovens that have since made their way home with me.  I also picked up a wonderful selection of solids and I love how everything mixes with Prairie.

A photo posted by Corey Yoder (@lmshabby) on

You are going to notice I am snagging some of my Instagram photos–so much easier than snapping new pictures!

Another project I have been working on is a mini Lone Star Quilt.  I have  been wanting to make a mini Lone Star Quilt. I had tried making a version on my own last summer–drafting up my own pattern but, it was an epic fail. It looked pretty:

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But, nothing fit together. I was so disappointed. I recently came across the book “Little Lone Star Quilts“. It features a paper pieced method to making mini lone star blocks. I decided to give it a whirl just a few weeks ago. So, I pulled new fabrics:

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Started cutting little squares and using the paper pieced method to make my Lone Star Diamonds.

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And let me tell you, this method while time consuming, is ingenious.

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This block will finish at 8″. It’s adorable. Because the block took so many hours to make, I now need to decide if I want to turn this block into a pillow or mini instead of turning it into a quilt. I still have visions of making at least 9-12 of these little guys–actually more if I have the patience and turning them all into a beautiful quilt.

Another book that I recently looked through was Amy Gibson’s book, “For Keeps“.  Amy and I have chatted back and forth online so when I heard she was writing a book, I was excited to see it.  I love reading her blog and knew if she wrote a book it would be beautiful.  And it is.

For Keeps

The photography throughout the book is beautiful.  Lots of color.



And, I picked up some tips I know I will be utilizing.  My favorite might be this glue basting tip:

Glue Baste

My daughter, Elonie, received some fabric last week and she is determined to make herself a quilt.  She has two layer cakes and she wants to make a larger quilt.  She was very eager to dive in but after sewing together just two squares she became a little bit overwhelmed once she realized how much time she would be spending making this quilt.  I think if we utilize glue basting to hold the squares in place it will make the project easier for her.  I have stumbled across glue basting before but I have never tried it myself–I am excited to have Elonie try it out.

There’s Only One You Quilt

The premise of Amy’s book, being intentional about quilting making, really struck a chord with me.  It is very easy for me to get caught up in the making of the quilts and forget a bit about the enjoying of quilts.  With that thought in mind, Amy has created the “For Keeps” pledge:


Don’t you love that?!  You can take the “For Keeps” pledge here.  Then, if you’d like you can print it out for your sewing room.  Amy is also giving away a free quilt block pattern for those taking the pledge.

Speaking of being intentional with our sewing, I have been wanting to pick up a sewing machine for Chloe & Elonie.  Either one to share or one for each of them.  Do you have a favorite beginner friendly machine?–Maybe one you use yourself or one you’ve purchased for a child?  I admit, that I get caught up in the cuteness factor–I’ve been eyeing these little guys and I love that the girls could each pick a cool color of their own:


They are the Janome Fast Lane machines.  But, I worry that they might be a little bit less of a machine than I would want for them–no room to grow into them.

And then of course, being a Bernina gal, there is this adorable Simply Red machine.



This one, they would need to share–and I think I am once again being sucked in by the cuteness factor.  So, if any of you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Hope you are all having great summers!



Fabric Projects Tutorials

Prairie Prints and Bag Pattern

Market Bag 2


Hello friends and happy Friday!  I hope you are all enjoying the start of a great summer (or winter, depending on where you are).  My girls last day of Kindergarten(I can hardly believe it) and 4th grade(equally mind boggling) was last Thursday so we have had a full week of summer break.

Needless to say, we have been busy!–our summer break always kicks off with busyness.  This year seems especially busy as things wrap up from quilt market,  VBS prep is in full swing, and I’ve also spent a little bit of time helping my sister move.

I promised to share more fabric pictures for those of you wondering about specific prints(you’ll find those at the bottom of this post), and I also wanted to share another project with you.

Market Bag

This is the bag I made to take to quilt market this year–I love having a new bag each year for quilt market.  Usually my quilt market bag gets carried around with me for the better part of the next year hauling around all of my gear.  I find that I collect a lot of gear as I get older.  So my quilt market bags are roomy and gear worthy.

I found this bag pattern over here on the A Bright Corner Blog and it’s a great one for using up those mini charm packs you may be hoarding.  Another couple things I wanted to mention about this bag–first, a bit about the fabrics.

Of course I used a lot of Prairie–the colored prints are all from this collection.  But, I also used some great text prints.  It looks like I used a lot of different text prints, but in reality I just used a couple prints.  Feed Company by Sweetwater has two really great text prints:  a recipe print and a feedsack label print.  Most of the text prints on my bag are from those two fabrics.  The recipe print has a lot of different fonts in one fabric so when it’s cut up it seems like you are actually using a lot of different text prints.

Fussy Cutting 3

And, the Labels print is perfect for fussy cutting:

Fussy Cutting 2

And, then I threw in just a couple more low volume prints and I was good to go.  Oh, and I want to talk a little bit more about that bottom polka dot print.

Fussy Cutting

That fabric is Mochi Linen.  And, I’ve talked a bit about the Mochi linen here but I wanted to mention it again..because it’s fab.  I love using Linen in my projects but sometimes linen can be a bit fussy.  Moda’s Mochi linen is not fussy–it’s great to work with, doesn’t wrinkle like other linens you may have used, and my favorite is that it has the same shrink rate as the quilting cottons.  That means if you are not a pre-washer, you won’t need to prewash this linen.  And, your quilt won’t turn into a hideous mess the first time you wash it.

Candy Scraps

I used Mochi Linen in my Candy Scraps quilt (tutorial here) and really fell in love with using it.


And now onto some fabric photos.  I wanted to share the various prints as well as the coordinating solids–I’ve been getting asked about which ones coordinate.  First up, the main floral print:

Main Floral

Ditsy print:


Doily print:


Polka Dots:

Polka Dots





and Stripes:


The coordinating solids are:

9900-81 Goldenrod (this is the yellow I used in my yellow/white Idyllic quilt)

9900-210 Strawberry

9900-269 Bermuda

9900-171 Etchings Charcoal

9900-134 Pistachio

9900-147 Coral

The white is 9900-97 Bleached White & I used 9900-178 Etching Stone in my print Idyllic quilt.

Have a Happy Sewing weekend!



Introducing Prairie!



Today, I am excited to introduce you to Prairie.  She’ll be debuting at Quilt Market in Minneapolis in just a few days and available to purchase in October.  You guys know my love of all of those rich “sherbert-y” colors and Prairie combines them all into a warm, beautiful bundle of fabrics.  This line is full of stripes for that perfect binding, pretty florals, and fun polka dots.

Prairie Fabric

Prairie is the warmth and golden colors of a late summer afternoon.  It is those last few lazy days when the bright, riotous colors of the season meld into the rich days of fall.  It is where wildflowers grow in their brilliance along fences and in fields and little feet run barefoot to meet them.  To me, Prairie signifies those last carefree days of summer before a new season begins filled with fresh adventure.  Enjoy the ride! 

If you will be at Quilt Market I would love to see you!–I have pins to trade and quilts to share.

For all of you unable to attend market, next week I will be sharing my new patterns–(there’s 5 of them!) here on the blog and more fun fabric pictures.  Follow me on IG @lmshabby (the first letter is a lower case L) to see pictures from Quilt Market coming up in just a couple days.


And the Quiltmaker giveaway wrap-up from last week:  the winner is:

Comment #106, Karen who said:

Love this little friendship star.
Wonderful blog tour and thanks for the chance to win!

I’ve sent you an email Karen. =)


Blog Takeover!

designer-blog-takeover_250x250 (1)


So you may have noticed all over blog land that the Moda Designer’s blogs are being taken over.  I’m pretty sure that’s because if they are like my mom, they haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with their blogs over the past few weeks.

Hi!–it’s me Chloe.  I pop up every now and then on my mom’s blog–so you’ve probably seen me around.


So, let’s take a little bit of time and talk about just what has been going on here over the last few weeks.  First of all, I think we all know what time of year it is—Quilt Market time.  Every year, twice a year, hundreds(maybe even thousands) of people from around the world travel to Quilt Market to look at quilts, fabrics, thread, and other such things.  So, what does this mean for me?  Well, this year my mom is going to Quilt Market as a fabric designer for Moda.  Apparently, that is something pretty exciting.  And, how do I know this?–Well for one thing, check out her face when she sees the UPS guy coming:

Mom Sees UPS

Who knew these sort of boxes would cause such excitement.

Moda Boxes

And once those boxes arrive, there is a lot of work to be done.  My grandma comes over and helps my mom sew, and sew, and sew.  And then piles of quilts start popping up everywhere.

Market Quilts

But there is still more work to be done.  Luckily for my mom, she has my sister and I to help her sew.

Girls Sewing during market prep

I don’t know what she would do without us!

You can get a little behind the scenes peek into some other Moda Designer’s blogs today as well:



Letting the Cat out of the Bag

Moda Boxes


I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret over the last year and boy has it been hard to keep to myself! =)  If you follow me over on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen a little bit of this secret leaking out.   I snagged these pictures from IG as I haven’t had a proper chance to take any “real” photos.

Just over a week ago, two wonderful boxes of Moda goodness arrived on my doorstep filled with fabric and a lot of excitement ensued.  I have gotten wonderful boxes from Moda in the past but this one took the cake:


That is my name, alongside Moda Fabrics…eep!

Guys, Moda Fabrics introduced me to fabrics.  I very vividly remember the designer and the first line of fabric that I sought out back in the day of dial up internet.  I picked up what I could locally and then spent hours looking for more online–and we all know how slow going that was in the dial up days!  Plus your phone was busy for long periods of time as you looked for fabric…surely I’m not alone in this memory! =p

To say I am excited to have a fabric line with Moda would be an understatement and I can’t wait to share more about it with you all very soon!


I’d love if you’d follow along with me over on facebook or IG (lmsshabby) the first letter is a lowercase L.  I tend to post more on those spots than here when I am busier.  Although, I’ll definitely be sharing more here when I get the go ahead!

Happy Monday!