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A Quilty Stitches Finish

Quilty Stitches Sampler Copy

I’m able to check off another item on my WIP list.  I put the last stitches into my Quilty Stitches cross stitch sampler just a couple weeks ago.  You’ll remember that I debated about how I was going to finish this project, whether I was going to frame it, or possibly turn it into a pillow.

Now you guys have seen photos I’ve posted of the overflowing pillows on my couch and hubby’s apparent dislike for not being able to sit on the couches because of the pillows, so I decided a pillow might not be in my best interest.

Quilty Stitches Copy

I, then, decided to nix the framing idea as well–it felt a little bit more traditional and expected and was not quite what I was going for.  Instead, I decided to mount the finished stitchery to canvas.  It is such an easy way to finish this project and super easy to do.  All you need is a canvas approximately the size of your project or a tad larger, and a staple gun.

Quilty Stitches Sampler Picture Copy

Trim, your stitchery so it’s approximately 1 1/2″-2″ larger than the canvas on each side.  Center the design, pull the edges to the back, and using the staple gun, staple into place.  Pay attention to the corners as you want them to be neat and tidy.  And that’s it, it’s ready to hang!–so easy, and perhaps a little bit unexpected.

I hope you have all enjoyed stitching along with me.  I find that I really enjoy these hand projects and sharing them on my blog motivates me to finish them.  The links to all of the Quilty Stitches designs can be found at the top of my blog under the Quilty Stitches tab.  I have really enjoyed seeing all of the different Quilty Stitches designs being made up–so many great ones over on Instagram using #quiltystitches.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the winner of my Playful Petals Giveaway–still a little bit of time to enter if you haven’t already!

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Quilty Stitches Block 16

Quiilty Stitches Block 16


Quilty Stitches Block #16–The Last One!! =)  Thank you so much everyone for following along!  I can’t believe this stitch along is coming to a close.  I went back to check on the date of when I posted the first block pattern and it was January 20–almost 7 months exactly.

Our block today is called Good Cheer–how fitting, right! =)

Quilty Stitches

I think it adds just the right amount of punch down there in the right hand corner. =0)

Quilty Stitches 16

Quilty Stitches Block 16 PDF Pattern

The coral color is DMC #351.

Well done if you have managed to keep up for the whole sampler!–If not, or if you are just starting the sampler or somewhere midway through, you can find all of the links at the top of the screen under “Quilty Stitches”.


I also wanted to announce the winner of my giveaway scraps winner:

Giveaway Winner

The winner is comment #11:

Comment #11

Emma, congrats!, I’ve sent you an email. =)

I hope everyone has a great Monday!  I know some of you are sending little ones off to school this week.  Chloe will be starting 4th grade on Wednesday and Elonie starts Kindergarten on Friday.  It’ll be so strange to have them both in school!–I’m thankful to spend a couple days with them yet this week before our summer is over!

cross stitch Quilty stitches

Quilty Stitches Block 15

Quilty Stitches Block 15

A quick google search brings up a myriad of “Spools” quilts in all shapes, designs and colors.  I think it is safe to say that the Spool Quilt block is a favorite of many quilters!

So it’s only fair that Block 15 (our 2nd to last block!) of Quilty Stitches is a Spool block.

Spool Block

Quilty Stitches Block 15 PDF Pattern

For my Block I used the following colors:

Corals: DMC 351, Sullivan’s 45075, Sullivan’s 45077

Yellows: DMC 743, DMC 744, DMC 745

Aquas: DMC 958, Sullivan’s 45293, Sullivan’s 45313

Oranges: Sullivan’s 45169, Sullivan’s 45422, Sullivan’s 45283

Grey: Sullivan’s 45121

Are you all staying caught up?–Way to go if you have!–It’s hard to stay on task during the summer months!(and certainly not necessary to do so when things like swimming, biking, canoeing, picnics etc. are all calling your name!)

Happy Stitching!

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Quilty Stitches Block 13


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Our weather here was perfect–in the 70s all weekend long and beautifully sunny.  It was truly a perfect, weatherwise, 4th of July weekend.

I spent a little bit of time sorting my Bonnie & Camille layer cake squares.  I received the last package in the mail on Thursday and couldn’t wait to start sorting all of those fun fabrics.  For those of you on the waiting list for round 2 it won’t be too much longer until we will begin. =)

Onto Quilty Stitches Block 13

Friendship Star Quilt Block

According to Barbara Brackman, this week’s Quilty Stitches Block is called a Friendship Star Block.

Quilty Stitches Block 13

Quilty Stitches Block 13 PDF

I used Sullivan’s 45169 for the peachy color and DMC 964 for the aqua.

I have been mulling around different ideas for finishing off my sampler when it’s finished.  The top two contenders are turning it into a framed sampler to hang on the wall–which I have done before with cross stitched items.  Or to turn it into a pillow–which I haven’t done before but I think it would be pretty cute.

With the pillow idea in mind, I picked up this Keepsake Calico’s fabric from Joann’s.


The only other fabric that I buy from Joann’s are some of the fabrics from Denyse Schmidt. I just couldn’t resist this one–look how perfectly it goes with the sampler:


If I turn it into a pillow, this fabric is gonna happen.

I checked online to see if I could still find it available and I couldn’t locate it but you still might be able to pick it up locally.

3 more Quilty stitches blocks to go!

Happy Stitching!