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Quilty Stitches Sampler Thread Colors


Thanks so much for all of the great response to my Quilty Stitches Sampler!  Several of you were asking about the specific threads that I’ll be using for my sampler–so I wanted to pop on today and list them in case you wanted to pick up supplies this weekend. =)

I used a mix of DMC and Sullivans threads.  Where I’ve used the Sullivans thread I’ve noted the comparable DMC color as well.  FYI–my LQS was running a great sale on Sullivans threads which was why I ended up with a lot of that particular brand.  Also, in some cases the Sullivans equivalent of the DMC color wasn’t quite the same which allowed for a more gradual variation of color.  You’ll  see below where I have used both the Sullivan’s shade and the DMC equivalent.

From Left to Right in the above picture:

  • DMC 351
  • Sullivans 45076 (DMC 352)
  • Sullivans 45077 (DMC 353)
  • Sullivans 45496 (DMC 3771)
  • Sullivans 45283 (DMC 945)
  • Sullivans 45221 (DMC 819)
  • DMC 958
  • Sullivans 45293 (DMC 958)
  • Sullivans 45313 (DMC 993)
  • DMC 964
  • Sullivans 45113 (DMC 504)
  • DMC 721
  • Sullivans 45169 (DMC 722)
  • Sullivans 45422 (DMC 3825)
  • Sullivans 45087 (DMC 402)
  • Sullivans 45452 (DMC 3854)
  • Sullivans 45453 (DMC 3855)
  • Sullivans 45156 (DMC 676)
  • DMC 743
  • DMC 744
  • DMC 745
  • DMC 746
  • Sullivans 45338 (DMC 3326)
  • Sullivans 45297 (DMC 963)
  • Sullivans 45220 (DMC 818)
  • Sullivans 45047 (DMC 225)
  • Sullivans 45163 (DMC 703)
  • DMC 470
  • Sullivans 45105 (DMC 470)
  • Sullivans 45345 (DMC 3348)
  • Sullivans 45107 (DMC 472)
  • Sullivans 45121 (DMC 535)
  • Sullivans 45193 (DMC 762)
  • white (not pictured)

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Quilty Stitches Sampler Along

Quilty Stitches

Are you guys ready for some stitchy fun?  I am getting ready to kick off a fun little cross stitch sampler along! =)  Are you interested in joining in?

I had forgotten how enjoyable cross stitch can be!  I really need to share my circa 1990’s Thomas Kinkaid cross stitch I made during the early years of my marriage–hundreds of french knots…

Stitchy Sampler

This little cross stitch quilt sampler includes some popular blocks I’m sure you’ve become familiar with over the last couple years as well as some new favorites–love Lori Holt’s Barn block in there.  Of course I had to start off with the Swoon block!–Still adding in some of the white stitching.

Swoon Cross Stitch

Each little “quilt block” finishes at about 1 3/4″ big–they are so cute!

I hope to kick off next week with the pattern for the first block–and I plan to post a new block every two weeks.  There are a total of 16 blocks.

If you are interested in joining in here’s what you will need:


Embroidery Floss–I chose a fun palette of aquas/greens/yellows/peaches/corals/pinks/greys.  Some are DMC and some are Sullivans.  I chose them as I would have when picking solids for a quilt.  Make sure that you have a nice graduation of colors–you will need them for the Flying Geese block and the Spool Block.  Since threads are pretty inexpensive, I chose a bunch of them so I could pick and choose as I went along.

Aida Cloth–I am using a 15″ x 18″ piece of 14 ct. oatmeal colored aida cloth.  Using this count Aida cloth will result in an 8-9 inch sampler.

Needles–I’m using size 24 tapestry needles

Embroidery Hoop

Fray Check–it’s a good idea to fray check all of the edges of the Aida cloth prior to stitching

And there you have it!  Are you in?

Embroidery Projects

Deck the Halls Placemats Embroidery Patterns Freebie

Hey all!–I’m glad to sneak in some blogging time in between several patterns I am writing up and some quilts I am working on for quilt market.  I love this time of year with all the new fabrics coming out and exciting new patterns!

You all may remember my Wedding Wishes Quilt and Love Pillows from the Moda Sweet Celebrations Book.

But, what you didn’t know was that I had another project accepted into the book–a set of Embroidered Christmas Placemats.  Unfortunately, due to the size of the book, they ended up being dropped from the book.

I had planned to share them with you last year, along with the free pattern, but that sneaky big project I’ve mentioned here and there over the last year was hogging up all of my time last fall and I never got around to sharing them with you.

I know many of you are gearing up and diving into Christmas projects and thought now would be a great time to share these with you.

The set of 4 placemats feature cute, simple embroidery and a bit of applique.  The piecing is also super simple.  I love an easy quick decorating project or gift idea that comes together quickly!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the font info. for the applique(it has been two years!).  But, they were fonts that I had in Microsoft Word that I sized appropriately.  It’d be no problem for you to choose your own fonts and size them—or leave off the applique altogether.

I’m giving away the placemat instructions and the embroidery patterns for you all!  So you can whip up some cute placemats of your own. =)

This little guy is my favorite!

Deck the Table Placemats Instructions

Snowman Embroidery Pattern 

Reindeer Embroidery Pattern 

Santa Claus Embroidery Pattern 

Christmas Tree Embroidery Pattern

I machine stippled all of the placemats being careful not to quilt over the applique or embroidery.  After machine quilting, I added a bit of hand quilting using 8wt. perle cotton.  The edges of my applique were completed using a blanket stitch on my machine.  The fabrics I used were from Sweetwater’s Countdown to Christmas line.  These fabrics are hard to find as they are out of print but, Christmas Countdown by Deb Strain has a very similar feel to my original fabric and is currently available.

If you use my embroidery patterns to make placemats or use them for another cute project I’d love if you’d share them!


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applique Embroidery Fabric Stash

Journal It!

Thanks so much for your input in regard to my last post!–It definitely gives me some things to think about. =)  Today, I do have something I can share with you…from start to finish–pretty exciting. =p

The family and I got back yesterday from a weekend of camping.  I had taken along my boring old composition book which I have taken to using for writing notes, inspiration, patterns etc. in order to wrap up a few projects.  But the notebook was so dreary, it definitely needed some jazzing up–yesterday afternoon, jazzing up became my Sunday project.

I swapped some fabrics with Aneela awhile back and in with the fabrics she sent she included some Liberty of London fabrics.  I decided to use those and I added some Liberty prints from my stash in with the mix.  Then I threw in some Anna Maria Horner prints that worked well with the Liberty prints.  AMH’s voile prints are similiar in weight to Liberty fabrics.

I decided to use the same Linen that I had used in my Stitch Magazine pillow—a great chocolatey color.

I new the basic design idea that I wanted to use…Perle Cotton stitching with a cute little Dresden.  I found this free pattern on which provided a mini dresden template so I didn’t even have to draft my own pattern.

The stitching on my journal cover is all done using 8 wt. Perle Cotton on my sewing machine(regular weight thread in my bobbin).

I used a fun blue flower print to finish the edges on the inside of my journal cover.  And a perfect stripe for the binding on the top and bottom.

The back of the journal features the straight line stitching.

If I had more time, I would have added a little pen pocket or an oversized pocket to store a calculator/cell phone.  But, since I was after a quick finish project, no pockets were added.

All in all, so much better!  And the nice thing is, is that the journal cover can easily be removed and used for my next journal once this one is used up.  Perfect!

applique Embroidery Fabric Stash

Chirp Pillow in Stitch Craft Create Magazine


You may remember me waxing poetic about the premier issue of Stitch Craft Create last fall.  I was(and still am) so in love with this magazine.  The projects are so doable and there is such a great range of ideas–I think anyone could find at least one(if not more) projects that they would want to try.

I am so excited that my “Chirp” pillow is featured in the issue hitting newstands tommorrow!

I love this little shabby pillow…it has a little bit of stitchy applique, some straight line machine quilting, some stippling, some embroidery, and is chock full of fun shabby fabrics.

The new Lecien fabrics that just came out would be perfect for making one of your own!

All you’d need is a little bit of Linen and you’d be on your way.

Happy Monday!